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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Adopt A Child

Yes, Spirit, I feel your presence now and everyday ...

For You to relax into the presence of Spirit and hold the Child you wish to adopt in the highest consciousness knowing the Child, and those responsible for this Child, are guided by this same Spirit to find safety, nurturing and consistency in this Child's upbringing.

I take time today, and each day, to pause and reflect on the beauty of nature. I look out the window and see a rainy fall day. The yellow rose droops in the wind, filled with water even as new blossoms peek out from their buds and the persimmons hang like ornaments on leafless branches. The crows caw as they crack walnuts and the cat crys to come in ... and I breathe deeply and relax, knowing I am one with all I see ... knowing I am one with all there is ...

In this mystical moment I experience the completeness of the universe and my place in it; I feel the one power, the one Intelligence, the one creative force behind, in and through me and all that exists; I experience Oneness. I know that my words, spoken from this place of conscious unity with the creative force of the universe, are causative and bring positive results in the world. I know that You and the Child are in this same creative flow because of Your request.

This is the way of the world; as we consciously, purposively, easily open to one another, we find the power to bring happiness into our lives and the lives of others. Cutting through circumstances and appearances, the love at the heart of each shines through and is honored; this is true with the Child and You. I see it, I feel it, I hear it ... and this same power and spirit is with those professionals choosing who will care for the Child. I know that the Child's highest good is served naturally and easily; I know that the gift the Child is to the world is not lost and is found by all who care for this Child. I know Love, Care and Creativity empower this Child to hold firm to the truth and open to Love.

I am filled with joy and elation, knowing that the Child is safe, secure and loved. I relax into this moment and accept its truth easily and naturally ... Yes, Spirit, I feel your presence this day and everyday. Yes, Spirit I flow on with your guidance, now and always. Yes, Spirit, we are one creative team. Thank you for empowering me, and for being with the Child and the people around them. I accept the Truth into my life now and I accept it for the Child, too. Love is the power that holds us together -- I will never forget, I will always remember.

Releasing these words to the evolution of Life, I relax and let go, and let Spirit guide my life and the Child's life, now and forever.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 4/20/98)


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