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Friday, November 24, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Parent and Child

I and my child are truly One in Spirit ...

For Parent and Child to know, feel and act on their inborn spiritual guidance and to realize the higher choices and experiences in their life now.

I breathe deeply ... I relax ... with my hand on my heart I close my eyes and feel the Presence of Spirit all around me and through me ... I relax and allow time to melt away ... I breathe ... In this moment I feel my connection to Spirit ... I am one with all creation ... I am one with all time from beginning to end ... I breathe deeply and consciously ... I feel the life within me ... I know this life is the same life that is with my parents ... with my children ... with my siblings ... with my neighbors ... for in this moment I realize the Oneness that is always present and is always true. Wow ...

In this heightened state of consciousness I recognize my unification with all that exists including the Intelligence that is the source of the universe.

In this heightened state of consciousness I choose my thoughts and words carefully and purposefully for I know they are creating my future and the future of my loved ones.

I and my child are truly One in Spirit ... and yet we are each our own individual selves. I speak these words from that place where our essence meets in the one Spirit, in the one Intelligence that guides and governs everyone and anyone when we allow it. I open my innermost self to listen to and receive this guidance right now! I know that as I release and let go of my judgmental and shallow perspective that I see a greater and larger perspective of only goodness unfolding before me; I sense the beauty of this moment and patiently I let this moment grow until all is Peace, Understanding, Compassion, Acceptance, Joy ... a whole rainbow including all the qualities of Spirit.

I know my child is guided and protected ... I know I am guided and protected ... I know everyone we come into contact with is guided and protected by this one power that is everywhere equally present in the Universe. I am open now for a great leap forward in understanding and action. I choose to move with the flow of Spirit and grow toward my higher realization of purpose and meaning for my life now. I unconditionally accept and love my child now. Yes!

I am grateful for the words, feelings and actions welling up within me right now. I accept them as true. I am thankful to know, deep inside, that all is well. I am thankful for the action of Spirit in my life then, now and always. I release these words into the law of creation knowing they are true even as they are spoken. And so it is and so I let it be.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 9/15/97)


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