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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Support through Changes

Yes, I am perfect, whole and complete!

To know and feel the power of Spirit within and to accept Spirit's guidance and support through all the changes in life.

Preparing to enter the mystery, I relax, breathe deeply and settle into my chair. I close my eyes for this moment and let go of all worldly concerns ... I consciously open my mind to receive the inspiration of Spirit ... I breathe regularly and gently allowing my consciousness to sink deeper and deeper into awareness of Spirit ... Yes, at the core of my being I merge with the creator of the Universe ... at the center we are all one! Sitting here now I let go of all fears and concerns ... I contemplate the flow of creation free and unencumbered ...

Wow! I exist in a constant flow of creation ... of Spirit expressing ... being in the middle of this stream of Life, I sense the perfection of existence ... we are each an equal part of this universal flow. There is no separation in substance only in perception ... and in this moment I perceive total unity. I am one with the creator and one with the created ... there is no separation in Truth!

In this holy moment I clearly see, feel and know I am truly happy in my heart of hearts. I relax and enjoy this realization -- Life is Good! I release all judgments and concerns to Spirit and let them flow away in the stream of Light as I fully enjoy being in the middle of the stream of Life. In this meditative moment all is perfect, I am whole and life is complete. I count my blessings and accept the power of creation acting through me, as me, right now in this quiet moment. Yes, the universe is perfect, whole and complete and I am perfect, whole and complete!

I accept this Truth unequivocally as I feel gratitude welling up in my heart. I carry this moment with me always as I pause, relax and remember: Yes, I am perfect, whole and complete! Thank you Spirit for revealing Truth to me ... I never forget, I always remember, I am One with you and you with me. My gratefulness propels me forward into the full flow of Life.

And now, fully energized and enthusiastic, I release these words to the flow of Life where I know they are already manifest and just let them be. As I have spoken, so it is now and forevermore.

Blessed are we!

(Originally published on SharePrayer 5/1/07)


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