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Friday, November 03, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Right Work = Abundance

I stop, and silently affirm the truth of Spirit's inspiration ...

For You to know the value and truth of the gift you are to the world so strongly and express it so well that the perfect opportunity presents itself for you to share your natural talent and ability as your work and thereby manifest financial abundance.

I look out the window at the morning mist ... I breathe deeply and let it go with a sigh ... Life is so simple and peaceful in the early morning ... the calm before the storm ... the quiet time that sets the tone for the day ... I open my heart and feel the many blessings I experience right here, right now ...

As I sit quietly, breathing deeply and regularly, my thoughts go within to that place of solitude where inspiration comes most easily ... I breathe deeply and go further into my mind to where I merge with All and am immersed in Oneness ...

I rest in this place of Oneness with all creation ... My thoughts flow freely and easily ... I am Harmony, Creation, Spirit! ... There truly is nothing else but this wonderful outpouring of Love manifesting in so many forms ... In this moment I realize I am one of these forms, an expression of Spirit manifested as a part of the Oneness and can never be apart from it ...

I rest easily and confident in this recognition and understand that, as a vital part of the Oneness from which everything comes, I am cocreating my life and all else that exists.

In this moment I realize the power of these words ... these words that flow through me to create new forms in this Universe. In this moment, that is eternal, I claim for myself the realization and manifestation of my special gifts, born in me, to share with the world as my work. I know this work is divinely inspired and is truly a gift and a blessing to all it touches and that I am irresistibly drawn to just the right circumstances to express it. This place is receptive and nurturing and allows me the freedom of expression I seek and compensates me abundantly in money and appreciation for my work.

Spirit's expression as me, through me, is wonderful and powerful and cannot be denied. Any blockages to this flow are released to nothingness when I stop, and silently affirm the truth of Spirit's inspiration and guidance, then move confidently forward knowing the power of this contribution to the world makes its own way, through me, easily, naturally, gently, insistently ...

I am so thankful for the power of these words to manifest right action and goodness in the world and in my life I say "Hallelujah" and move on filled with an attitude of gratitude for the magnificence of life. I gratefully accept myself and my place in the world.

Now, I Joyfully release these thoughts to the One Mind, the One Creator knowing they are true and done even before they are spoken. And so I let it be and so it is!

Blessed Be!

(Originally published on SharePrayer 6/26/97)


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