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Monday, November 06, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Accept Yourself

I let go and let Spirit be my guide ...

For You to accept yourself as you are and as you are becoming by using your connection with Spirit to guide you in being who you truly are beyond any and all appearances of being too heavy to the contrary.

I sit and remember what I look like in a mirror after my bath ... I look at every part of my body and love it just as it is now ... and then I shift my consciousness, shift my perspective, and watch as my body slowly takes on the appearance I would prefer to see when I look in the mirror ... yes, this is the truth I sit down to cocreate with Spirit right now ... Yes, this is the truth of who I am beyond any and all appearances ...

I know there is one power, one presence, one Spirit equally present within all existence. I feel this presence within me now and I see it in all around me ... In truth I can not be separate from It or can anything or anyone in the universe. As I relax into this realization, into this moment, I choose to focus on my relationship with Spirit and the inherent ability to cocreate life experience this relationship implies.

Relaxing into the presence of Spirit I let go of judgements and preconceived ideas ... I let go of any and all thoughts that come to me ... I allow my awareness to go down from my head to my heart ... I allow my knowing to give way to my feeling ... I just sit and feel the truth of my connection with Spirit ... I let go and let Spirit be my guide ...

In this feeling state I see myself as I am today ... slowly I see this self image change in the direction I choose it to go ... I just watch ... I have nothing to do but watch ... I allow this to happen naturally and easily ... no thoughts intrude ... natural and easy and gently the transformation happens ...

I allow the vision to remain in the background as I affirm my positive connection with Spirit and the power and guidance that brings to me. I feel this power and strength when I plan, prepare and enjoy my meals ... I let go and let Spirit be my guide. I feel this power and strength when I plan and pursue my activities ... I let go and let Spirit be my guide. I feel this power and strength when I sit and meditate and do my prayer work ... I let go and let Spirit be my guide.

Thank you Spirit for your constant presence and guidance. I am very grateful for the partnership we have formed here and accept your guidance as I move down the path of life into a fuller appreciation of myself.

Feeling the truth of these words in my life now, I release them into the flow and accept their benefits now.

And so it is. Amen

(Originally published on SharePrayer 3/29/00)


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