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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Peace, Clarity, Abundance

I approach life with focused intention ...

For Peace, Clarity and Abundance.

Yes, I feel the breeze blowing freely through the window ... I stop ... I relax ... I breathe deeply ... the fresh air flows in ... then I let it go ... I do this again and again until I feel calm and peaceful ...

I close my eyes and take my attention from the outer world and turn it to the inner world ... I notice the busyness of my mind and body ... but choose to look toward that calm peaceful place in the center of my being ... Breathing easily and regularly, I let go of all else, accepting only peaceful thoughts in this moment ...

Here I feel the presence of choice -- that original choice that brings creation from nothing ... I breathe deeply and let it go ... I know and affirm the presence of the creative power of the universe right where I sit. This power is everywhere equally present. I sense it, I feel it, I think it, I know it, I accept it and I let it be so.

I open my heart and mind to clearly see how this creative power is best directed through me. I relax and let go into this moment and willingly accept guidance through this connection with the universal intelligence. I decide to be who and what I really am; to follow the guidance I find in my heart fully and openly. I approach life with focused intention to find and manifest the best in me and through me. I take time each day to sit quietly and listen; I write down what it is I feel, see and hear during this time; I share my innermost feelings with those closest to me; I live my life my way, with passion ... with sincerity ... with integrity ...

I give freely of my time and talents in the areas I am guided to and I act consistently and thoroughly on the ideas that come to me when I am still and quiet. I love what I am doing in the world and I open myself to receive love in return. I enter into the circulation of abundance that is always present in the world. I enjoy giving and receiving inspiration, money, energy, love, joy, happiness and all of spirit's qualities. I experience the natural abundance of life fully, easily, naturally ...

I am so thankful for the creative spirit flowing through me and for the clarity of my vision in this moment. I know this spirit is always with me and that it is my choice how aware of it I am at any given time. I am grateful for this experience and the knowledge that I can return here any time and be one with the spirit of life as it is manifesting in and through me. Thank you life for this moment of illumination. I hold this memory always present.

I release these words to the flow of life now, knowing they are true even before they are spoken and they are true for ever more. I accept this truth, I bless this truth. So it is and so I let it be.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 5/19/97)


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