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Friday, November 03, 2006

Law of Attraction -- End of Summer

I listen ... the answers are right here in the flow ...

For You to know that peaceful place at the center of your being so completely that you confidently move forward in life clearly guided by your highest good.

I rejoice that our yearly cycle is beginning again with all the unfulfilled possibilities reborn anew. I celebrate the memories both wonderful and sad. I inhale and exhale deeply again and again ... I feel life running through me and rejoice!

I feel the intelligence that creates me and all that is around me flowing through me and flowing through you right in this very moment. I feel connected to all there is and know this intelligence is you, is me, is all there is in the universe.

I allow this feeling and knowing to deepen ... and deepen some more. I open my inner being ... I allow the peace that is always within to spread through my body and overflow into all that is around me ... the supply is as inexhaustible as the universe.

I listen ... the answers are right here in the flow of peaceful inspiration; I soak them up, I soak them in, I let them wash away doubt and fear, I let them wash away indecisiveness, I let them fill me with compassion and wisdom, I let them fill me with commitment to be myself in truth. I relax and accept my place in the flow of creation. I move forward peacefully, one step at a time.

I breathe deeply and allow truth to fill me to overflowing; there is no need to grasp or grab, the supply is inexhaustible; it is always here as I relax and allow it to come forth from the center of my being.

Thank you creation for this truth, thank you intelligence for this flow, thank you self for this life. I just let it be, totally and completely. I just let it be, now.

As it is written, spoken and lived, so it is.

Blessed Be

(Originally published on SharePrayer 12/24/97)


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