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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Natural Disaster

I affirm that Spirit flows freely ...

For those touched by nature's destructive power.

Here, under gray, overcast skies, I sit. I feel the tears of a 1,000 x 1,000 people and more as rescuers look for signs of life in rubble and chaos. I feel tears in myself. ...

I relax into those inner feelings of grief and horror; I relax into the fear that arises. I look for solace and relief. I look for safety and reassurance. I look for peace. ...

Here in the gentle rhythm of my breath, here in the gentle rhythm of my heart, here in the gentle flow of the tears, I find a chorus. I find a chorus that comes from deep in my heart, where I touch the heart of God. I listen to this chorus and know that my grief is one with the grief of millions of other souls. I relax into this chorus and know I am not alone. I add my thoughts, my feelings, my words to this chorus and accept the unity of life and the outpouring of support that emanates from the heart of God, from the heart of Humanity, from the heart of Nature.

What has been ripped asunder cannot be made whole and perfect again. What has been taken by circumstance cannot be given back. In this moment we have what we have and we move forward from here. I know and affirm that miracles do happen and invite as many of these as possible into this chorus of caring, into this chorus of concern, into this chorus building the best possible present.

I affirm that Spirit flows freely to all concerned, filling each victim, each survivor, each rescuer, each relative, each friend with love, compassion and competence as they go about their separate tasks. I affirm that the strength and clarity of Spirit moves through each individual keeping them aligned with the highest goal in this situation. I affirm that those clinging to life in rubble and chaos are found and brought to safety. I affirm that survivors receive the care they need and recover fully. I affirm the dead are honored, loved and remembered for the life they lived. I affirm that families are comforted and reassured of the true goodness of life beyond their tragedy.

I relax into the silence, sending these thoughts, these feelings, these words expressed in this prayer into the creative law of mind. I let the tears flow, I let the clinging go, I let the vulnerability show. And am very grateful for the Love I feel in my heart and for the knowledge that it is one with the Love of God, the Love of Nature, the Love of Humanity.

And so I let it be and so it is.

Blessed Be

(Originally published on SharePrayer9/5/06)


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