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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Let Go Let Spirit Nurture

I feel the nurturing embrace of Spirit holding me ...

For You to experience peace and tranquility as a natural expression of life as you let go and let Spirit nurture, support and guide you as you learn to accept your self.

In this very moment I relax and let go of all thoughts except those of Spirit. I know I am an expression of this divine source of all that exists. I feel my connection with Spirit at the deepest levels of my being. It can be no other way, I am one with the source of life; I am one with all that exists.

I close my eyes and feel this oneness and open my self to seeing clearly my role in the expression of this oneness. I relax and let go of all attachments to my self and allow myself to float in the sea of infinite love I find in Spirit. I feel the nurturing embrace of Spirit holding me, caressing me with compassionate feelings of peace, joy, beauty ...

Yes, Life is good and I am one with Life. I am Good, I am Loved. I am peaceful. I am joyful. I am beautiful. I accept myself and I accept Life, totally, completely, without reservation, in this moment of divine revelation. I truly let go and let Life express as me, through me, with me. I relax and contemplate this reality with a peaceful mind. I relax and let myself dream ... I relax and my body relaxes; all tension melts away naturally and easily as I merge with the infinite ... I breathe in Love and breathe out Love ... again and again ... Yes, I am safe ... yes, I am whole, complete and perfect ... yes, Life is good ... yes, I am a bright star ... yes, I am a divine child of the Universe ...

I accept myself just as I truly am. I am grateful for the divine presence I feel expressing through me now; I know and accept this as the Truth, always, and consciously choose to remember this always. I trust the goodness of Life to guide me and hold me safely; in this trust I find peace, tranquility and hope; in this trust I find myself. Thankfully, I let this be.

With a peaceful mind and a loving heart I release these words to the Law of Life, knowing their Truth precedes them in the world. So I let it be, and so it is.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 7/12/97)


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