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Monday, September 18, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Facing Death

I relax and allow Peace into our lives ...

For a critically ill patient near death and peace of mind for the family.

Here we are and this is good. Relaxing into the idea of goodness, I breathe easily, gently, fullly ... Allowing the rhythm of breathing to take my awareness into myself, into that place in me where body and breath and the creative process are one ... Here I relax and affirm:

One creative process at the source of all there is. My source, our source, the world's source, the universe's source. One power, one presence, one outpouring of divine love and I feel it right here within me. I am connected! I am one with the source of life and I find it within me.

From this place of divine connection, I consciously speak my word, knowing it is causative and creative in the world around me.

The Patient comes to mind and I see their essence as whole, complete and perfect for this is the truth of us all; in this place where we are one with the Creator, we are perfect. I see this glow of truth when I see or think of the Patient and affirm with and for this human being a closeness with the creator as their body faces these challenges. I affirm the strength, courage, compassion of the creator are with the Patient now and always. I visualize an easy, relaxed attitude as they go through each day with its blessings and challenges. I relax into feelings of love and allow all the good memories to comfort me and allow the smiles that come naturally to ease my mind as I affirm the best for the Patient and the family. I relax and enjoy the life around me and around the Patient and allow peace into our lives. I am fully present with the Spirit of Life in this moment and I allow this to spread out to all I come in contact with.

Thank you blessed Peace within for this wonderful, overwhelming feeling of goodness contained in this moment. I return here often to be buoyed and uplifted through the ups and downs of life. I am so very grateful.

I release this word to Creator's process, comforted by the knowledge it is true and manifest in the world now.

Blessed Be

(Use the affirmations above to remind yourself of your truth throughout the day. And, remember, you are free to use your own words in the prayer to claim that which you most desire. This is written to read silently or aloud as your own, slowly, peacefully, passionately; feel it with your body, your mind and your inborn Spirit; share it with a friend. The more you feel, in yourself, the truth you put in the prayer, the more you experience that truth in life.)

(Originally published on SharePrayer9/18/06)


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