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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Goodness in Human Interaction

I am one with Creator of all that is ...

For You to realize Oneness with the flow of Spirit and your true purpose in Life so that you not only know your true spiritual nature beyond all doubt but so you experience true Goodness in all areas of human interaction.

Breathing deeply, I hear TV in the background, an airplane overhead and glass clinks in the kitchen; outside the stars shine through the crisp coolness of this night; the cat curls up and purrs safely on my lap ... Life happens all around me as I close my eyes and ears and turn my attention inward; letting go of all external stimuli, I watch, listen and let go, knowing that Spirit is with me. In this space of patient expectancy, I relax and respond as Spirit moves through me, guiding me, in producing this prayer. I silently give thanks and continue with You in Mind:

This one Life, one Power, one Truth I feel now is all there truly is. Omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent Spirit is everywhere equally present! It can be no other way in reality and I affirm my acceptance of this in this moment ... Feeling creativity flowing in me, I know I am one with the creation of all that is; I feel my oneness with all that exists; in this wonderful moment I know that what is true for me is true for everyone and every thing for we are One with All.

There is one Life and this Life is my life now. I peacefully and gracefully step forward into it knowing I am not alone -- I am one with Creator of all that is. I relax into this truth and choose my destination carefully, knowing that I co-create whatever it is I find in my life; I choose carefully from this place of oneness with Creator.

I look on all I see with quiet acceptance of this realization: Everywhere I look I see Creator at work creating. Standing strong and connected I feel humble and blessed to be aware of Life unfolding so vividly, so perfectly. Pain, hurt, fear become small and insignificant in this grand panorama of evolution opening before me in this moment. I open my heart and accept my ability to initiate and bring change into my life. I am strengthened and empowered to face and move through any obstacles that appear on my chosen path. Memories of disappointments and broken dreams vaporize and dissipate allowing Spirit's Light to fill my vision, illuminating the Goodness in which I am immersed. Now I have a clear view of Truth. I choose to move on, consciously filled with Spirit. Life's abundance greets me; all my needs are met; true happiness is experienced in this infinite moment.

Yes, Life is Good. As I accept this for me I know it is true of all that I meet. We share this silent Truth as our eyes meet and look into each other Creator to Creator. I accept this Truth wholeheartedly and completely, expressing my gratitude loudly with the exclamation: "I RELEASE AND I LET GO, I LET CREATOR RUN MY LIFE!" And in this moment I smile, knowing I am one with that innermost Truth that guides me always to my highest good. Thank you Universe.

So I let it be; and so it is.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 10/10/97)


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