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Friday, September 22, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Peace with Children's Father

I look deep within and find Peace and Love ...

For Peace between my children's father and me.

Sitting here in the light of day, alone with my thoughts, I consciously choose to relax... I place my attention on my breath... Watching this gentle rhythm, my breath becomes deep and regular and I sit straight and taller... I relax into the creative intelligence of the universe represented here in this simple act of watching my breath...

One power, one presence, one creative force through all the universe moving me and all around me forward through time together. One evolutionary intelligence right here in all I see, in all I am. Yes, I see and accept my oneness with our creator now.

Being a conscious part of creation I find within myself the power to cocreate the world around me. I relax into this realization and accept the creative force of my thoughts, feelings, words, and actions in the world around me. Here I am grounded in truth and ready, willing and able to do something with it. I consciously put these words, feelings, thoughts into the creative law:

I pause a moment and remember the love that brought my children's father and I together; I remember the love in which they were conceived; I rest here a moment letting these memories wash over me as if I was there again...

This love I feel now is the base and ground of my relationship with my children and their father. I bring this to mind easily and naturally when I talk with him and use the power of this love to bring peace to our relationship as we work together for the highest good of the children and ourselves. I see that by remaining true to the essential love each of us represents all else is made clear and easy. As I love myself and allow my basic needs and desires to be clear in my mind, then I am able to listen to and work with my spouse's basic needs and desires. I do not know what is best for him; I focus on what is best for me first and the children second. I allow that initial love to carry us forward in its strength to always allow the right outcome to manifest for our family's highest good. I find peace, strength and love right here where I am, whenever I look deep within and this allows me to live in God's peace and love that is born with each of us into this world.

I accept these words with a grateful heart, mind, soul, as I relax once again into my breath... God is all there is...

I release this word into the creative law that always says yes to my deep felt prayers. I accept it as manifest and true here and now.

Blessed Be

(Originally published on SharePrayer 9/22/06)


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