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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Law of Attraction -- For my Friend

I move forward in life from the center ...

For You to hold your Friend in consciousness as the perfection they truly are, functioning normally in life, shining their spiritual light for all.

With the purring cat on my lap helping me relax into this morning, I take a deep breath and let it go. I do this again, letting my mind settle on nothing as I let go and let Spirit inspire me.

I know there is one Spirit, one constant, consistent stream of life flowing from one source, one beginning. I know I am one with Spirit, one with the source of life, and I know this is true of all creation; in truth there can be no separation. So, I speak my word now with my Friend in mind knowing we are one.

I accept the perfection of life and the intelligence that creates it; I accept my oneness with this intelligence and the perfection I am; I accept my ability to express perfectly in this life now.

I turn away from all appearances of imperfection and embrace the light of truth at the center of my being; I move closer to this light with each breath; I release every thought into this light; I immerse myself in this light and I am this light.

I move forward in life from the center of my being seeing this same light everywhere I look. I am cleansed, I am healed, I am whole right now, in this moment, and this moment expands in eternity.

Thank you Mother Father Creator for sharing your Light, Love and Life with me and my friend; I embrace the truth and release all fear into the void knowing only the primordial faith that is the foundation of my existence.

With an attitude of gratitude I release these words to the flow of evolution knowing they are true and manifest even before being spoken. So it is and so I accept it.

Blessed be

(Originally published on SharePrayer 5/1/98)


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