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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Panic and Anxiety

I accept your creative presence within me ...

For You to release anxiety and panic and relax into the arms of the Mother and be comforted and know you are always safe in truth. And to further know that the Father is with you always, inspiring, guiding and acting with you in the world.

I sit here in silence. I sit here and witness all that is going on around me. I release all this activity when I close my eyes and turn my gaze, my listening and my feeling inward. I silently sit with my awareness focused within toward my heart. Its steady beat reassures me. The sound of my breath is like the wind moving leaves across a path, taking my thoughts with them. I relax into this scene and wait... Now I sense the presence of something greater than my heart, my breath, my thoughts right here in this moment. My awareness expands to include this presence and I feel the warm, loving embrace of the Mother of us all holding me gently, lovingly. I know I am safe now, and I am relieved.

In this holy presence I consciously speak my word, claiming that which I know is true right now and is true always. There is one power, one presence, one intelligence creating and animating all that exists. Everywhere I look I see this intelligence at work. I see it in the trees, flowers and grass; I hear it in the crow's caw and in each person I meet; I feel it in the food I eat; I know this power within me now.

Embraced by the Mother and held safe in her arms, I speak my word affirming a consistent experience of the world as a safe, loving, supportive environment for me. As I step out into the world I know the strength, courage and wisdom of the Father is here with me, propelling me toward my goal.

Thank you Mother/Father God for your guidance, inspiration and strength as I move forward in life. I accept my oneness with you and take time each day to sit, release my thoughts and feel the presence of your power and intelligence in me. I accept your creative presence within me and in the world. We are one and I am safe in this knowledge with you.

I release these words, feelings and thoughts into the creative power and know they are manifest even before they are spoken. And so it is.

Blessed Be

(Originally published on SharePrayer 4/28/99)


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