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Friday, November 10, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Sort Out Life

I know, and feel, and experience, the Divine order...

For You to let go and let Spirit be your guide as you sort out your life and accept Divine right order into everyday living easily and naturally.

One ever-present Spirit flows easily and gently throughout all creation. I am one with this Spirit as I easily and gently collect my thoughts and relax into this moment ... I clear my mind and speak these words:

I know there is One Life, One Spirit and One Intelligence that is equally present in all the universe. Resting securely in this knowing, in this feeling, in this truth, I am one with It; I am a unique expression of this power that is equally present everywhere; and, as a unique expression of this One presence, I have all the qualities of Life, Spirit and Intelligence right here, right now. My expression flows as one with the whole even while it is one of a kind. I enjoy this understanding and relax into it with a feeling of unlimited possibility.

In this relaxed, creative, unlimited state of mind I speak my word knowing these words initiate change in my environment. I know and feel and experience the divine order of the Universe unfolding one step at a time as does my life, as does each life.

I affirm that in this unfoldment each step grows out of the preceding one with Spirit as guide. Now, trusting fully and completely this reality, I appreciate each miracle, each challenge, each revelation, each solution for just what it is: another step along the way. I open my mind, heart and body to accept the inspiration of Spirit with each breath I take, with each thought I make, with each word I state, as I consciously enter fully and completely into the process of life.

With my awareness fully engaged in this spiritual unfoldment I find myself one with the abundance of the universe ... by freely and easily giving the special gifts my unique expression brings to the world, I am gifted in return. I know this is true for me and I know this is true for each and everyone ... this is good, very good.

With deep humility and appreciation I gratefully accept this Truth right here and right now. I know Spirit works through natural law to create our good even before we ask and as I release these words to the law of creation, I know this Truth is present even now in the wondrous life of each one.

Now I simply let it be so ... and so it is.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 6/28/97)


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