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Friday, February 02, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Satisfaction and Advancement

I move forward in harmony with the guidance I receive ...

For You to focus on activities that are most important to you, completing them to your satisfaction and personal advancement.

Breathing in and breathing out ... I sit here in quiet contemplation of this present moment and the task I have before me ... Breathing in ... Breathing out ... I gently allow the ideas to come to me ... I gently allow the thoughts to come to me ... I gently allow the words to come to me ... I gently allow the actions to come to me ...

I know and affirm there is one power, one presence, one spirit creating all there is in this whole, entire universe. I relax into this atmosphere of oneness and release my cares and concerns into it. I know there is one Life, the life of the creator of all there is; I know this Life is in all I see, feel, know. I feel the presence of Life in me right now and open my self to listen to its guidance ... In this present moment I see my oneness with Life and relax into this truth.

Being one with Life, being one with the creative Power of the universe, I realize my creative partnership with It. In this moment I consciously choose to cocreate my ideal life experience with Life. I accept Life's guidance unequivocally. I take the time whenever indecision arises to stop, look within, and listen to the guidance of Life always present within me. I take the time to quiet my mind, to ask gently what is it I am to do now, and to listen attentively for the answer ...

The answer is always there, always moving me forward on my path, firmly, lovingly, persistently; so I relax and accept it. I move forward in harmony with the guidance I receive. I enjoy the feeling of balance and accomplishment in my life and am very grateful for it. Partnering with Life in this way brings me many rewards; thank you Life.

And so I move forward in my life, focusing on each task that is most important to me at any particular time. In this way I move gracefully toward my goals with the power and strength of Life with me all the way.

With this said, I release my word into the creative law of Mind, knowing full well that as it is spoken, so it is in truth. So I let it be. And so it is.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 11/26/02)


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