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Friday, February 23, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Depression to Love in Life

I Love and I am Loved ...

To help You move through depression to a renewed connection with abundance, self-worth, friends, clarity, universal spirit and love in life.

I know there is one life, one ever-present, one all-knowing, one all- powerful intelligence that is the source of all that exists. I know It as the source of me and all I see, think, hear, touch or dream; It is the source of all I perceive and all that perceives me. Beyond all appearances to the contrary It is good. Abundance, joy, peace, power and beauty flow from the source equally available to all. I know this is true right now and claim this experience here and now. Now I speak my word clearly with power bringing more of the Truth into experience.

I feel the heaviness of life as I sit and think. In this heaviness I feel weight. In this weight I know the pressure of the universe upon me. I feel held down by this pressure and weight. I know I contribute to the weight of the universe, because I am one with it. As I go within and dwell on this oneness I relax ... I wait ... I listen ... I look ... I hear ... I see ... I feel reassured. I am not alone. I am connected to everything there is ... I am connected to the universe! I am one with the source. I am a creative center in the whole of existence. I am in control of what I feel and experience from the inside out. There is harmony in this realization. I sense movement of the many as truly being the One. I am moved as I realize I am one with the One and so is everybody and everything else!

I rise lighter and freer as I move forward to discover my true role in this universal harmony. As I follow my natural path and give my natural gifts my natural way opens before me and the abundance of the universe naturally flows to me and through me. I feel my energy as vital to the movement of the One. I am nurtured and fed as I share with those close to me in this wonderful dance of the One we call life on Earth. As I reflect on this process I find insights into my role in life and find this to be mysterious, beautiful, challenging ... my faith in the universal spirit is renewed -- I am one with Love and Life.

I naturally attract people and circumstances into my life that support me on my path. I love and am loved ... my life is full of friendship and respect. I am one with myself and I am one with all around me.

Thank you mother/father of all existence for creating me and being here with me and opening me to know, feel and experience Oneness as my life now. I humbly accept this gift as I release these words to your loving embrace with a hallelujah! So it is and so I let it be!

Blessed are we!

(Originally published on SharePrayer 1/3/98)


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