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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Overcome Negative Effects of Alcohol

I surround you with Spirit's unconditional Love ...

For You to hold an individual in mind as whole, perfect and complete thereby helping them move naturally and easily into the fullness of that truth, one step at a time, as they overcome the negative effects of alcohol.

Releasing all attachments, I open my self to the ever present Spirit of Life. I breathe deeply ... and let it go ... again ... and yet again ... As it is in this moment, so it is always ... Breath ... Life ... Spirit ... Body ...

As I live and breathe I am one with the ever present Spirit of Life ... I am one with the Intelligence creating the universe ... I am one with the source of all existence ... It can be no other way, for in truth all creation is one dynamic whole ... There is no spot in all creation that is not equally filled with the power of the creator. And as a self reflective human being I can see this truth, feel this truth, know this truth, use this truth, be this truth ...

Being one with the creative power of the universe, I know and accept the power of my words and hereby declare and accept into my life the following: I am whole, complete and perfect beyond all apparent conditions; this is my birthright. And this, that I know is true of me, is also true of this individual; it can be no other way in truth. I hold this truth in mind without reservation or question; it is undoubtedly so. I open myself to the flow of Spirit's inspiration and guidance by taking time now and each day to stop, look, and listen to my heart ...

In this holy space I hold you in mind ... I accept you just as you truly are, beyond all appearances to the contrary, as whole, perfect and complete. I surround you with Spirit's unconditional Love that I feel in this moment and I release you into this constant flow of support and nurturing that is life evolving.

I let it be so, as I continue speaking my word in gratitude and thanksgiving for the Peace I feel in this moment when I release you into Spirit's care. I accept the same for myself and know in truth that all is well.

Filled with a quiet Joy I release these words to the creative law of the universe knowing they are true even before being spoken. So it is and so I let it be, now and forevermore.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 1/26/98)


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