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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Safety and Well Being for Soldiers

I rest easy knowing all that happens is God's plan ...

For Parents to have peace of mind and hold the "high watch" for their Soldier Children's safety wherever they serve in harm's way.

Sitting with thoughts flowing through my head knowing this Child is in harm's way, I consciously watch them and let them flow on their way as I turn my attention to God within... Breathing in... Breathing out... I slowly pull my attention to my heart... I slowly pull my attention to my center where I feel the love that fills me always...

One God, One Creator, One Love, One Divine Intelligence creating all there is right here and now in this moment -- no past, no future, just this sacred moment. One Breath moving through all creation bringing life, consciousness, vitality to all there is because God is all there is in truth.

I relax into this truth acknowledging and accepting that I am one with God; the Creative Intelligence from which the universe flows is right here in me and I am using it now to cocreate my life. It is from this place of communion with the divine that I hold this Soldier in mind, in the oneness that is God expressing in many forms.

I bless this Soldier and his comrades and see them held safe and secure by the Love of God as they pursue their duties and live their lives in Iraq for this period of time. I hold the high watch with them in mind knowing they are sacred aspects of the divine and an important part of their family. I bring them all into this blessed moment affirming with each of them the high regard they have for each other and affirm with them in mind many blessings to bring each home safe and secure at the end of this tour of duty. I look deep within my self and feel my connection with God and know that this Soldier, this Child, has this same connection with God. I affirm the ability to listen to God within and be guided, nurtured and sustained as each Soldier goes about their life.

Feeling the power of God within me and within this Soldier, this Child, brings me great peace of mind. I am confident that this is a powerful and important time in this life and I see everyone getting an important education from it. I rest easy knowing all that happens is God's plan working for the highest good of all and the harm of none.

I am grateful for this time of communion with the divine and gratefully relax into God within.

With a sigh of relief I release this word into creative law knowing, accepting, believing that it is done now. And so I let it be and so it is.

Blessed Be

(Originally published on SharePrayer 2/20/06)


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