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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Loss of Long Relationship

I am growing and evolving so I just keep moving ...

For You to feel supported in your grief with loss of a long term relationship and strength to move onward.

Here I sit in the quiet time... I hear the sounds of life around me but withdraw my attention to the quiet time within. Breathing easily and gently I relax into my thoughts... I watch them, but don’t hold on to any of them... I continue relaxing, allowing my attention to go deeper than my thoughts... I direct my attention to my heart, to my center where I am one with the Creator. Here I am free to ask my questions and expect a true answer... Here, within my very self where I meet the Creator of all that exists.

The Creator, God, the Thing Itself, Life, Nature, Buddha, Yahweh, Allah... Many names for one power and presence that fills the universe with itself from beginning to end. In truth there is no place this power and presence is not fully and totally involved in creation, change, evolution. All existence is aspects of this power and presence, so I relax into this truth and feel power and presence within myself.

I am one with the Creator, I know this, I feel this, I understand this in this moment, so I consciously choose to use my cocreative power in harmony and alignment with the Creator now. Breathing easily and fully, relaxing my body, I speak my word easily and naturally, fully and completely, for the highest good of all and with harm to none, from my heart, from my center.

I leave room for grief to express itself in whatever way it comes forward as I move through the process; I know I am growing and evolving so I just keep moving forward. As the memories of what was come to me I bless them and let them go; the goodness they are in my life is always a blessing, nothing can take that blessing away from me. And in the next breath, I find myself moving on expecting and accepting even greater blessings in ways looked for and ways unexpected. I am open to the gifts of the Creator in my life now and always. I affirm that I am supported, guided, nurtured and loved by the Creator within and I return to this sanctuary within whenever I need a solid reconnection with this power and presence. I feel the strength of the Creator within me, as me, now. I call on this strength whenever I need it and it is here, right here where I am.

Thank you Creator of the universe for revealing your power and presence within me; I am pleased to partner with you in calling forth my perfect life in consciousness and experience. My love and gratitude are overflowing and touching those around me with your power and presence.

With a big breath I release this word into Law that always says yes to the seeds planted within it. And so I now relax and let it be so and so it is.

Blessed Be

(Originally published on SharePrayer 2/21/06)


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