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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Father and Son Face Challenges

I accept Spirit within as my guide and counselor ...

For Father to know with and for Son and himself that Spirit is all there is, and wherever Spirit is good is and that this goodness lives in each and every heart and is always available to guide, nurture and counsel.

Being in the moment... I breathe in the moment... I relax in the moment... This moment is all there is in truth... I watch my thoughts as they move through my awareness... I let them go with each breath... And so it goes as I relax into myself... Breathing... Listening... Looking... Opening... Acknowledging the Presence of Spirit right here within me...

One Spirit, One Life, One Universe ever evolving, ever expanding from beginning to this moment and beyond. One creative intelligence filling the universe with itself in all forms. One love holding all together in divine embrace. This feeling of love is good, very very good.

I recognize this goodness within me now... I allow this feeling to warm me and nurture me as I claim my oneness with the creative intelligence of the universe. I feel the creative power within me now and choose to use it to cocreate my life with Spirit from this moment on.

With this intention in mind I relax into my present circumstances and know with and for Son that he is one with Spirit and possesses all the divine qualities I feel within myself now. I affirm his highest self is animated and enlivened by this prayer treatment as he opens himself to change and growth. This is a time for introspection and deep inner learning. This is a time to allow the truth to emerge from the subconscious, to be listened to and understood, so clear intentions and action can follow. This is an opportunity for positive change to be planted and take root and be nurtured to grow into the unlimited potential that is born into each of us. I accept Spirit within as my guide and counselor and feel the nurturing presence even as I speak and hear these words.

Thank you Spirit for opening the deep love in Son and myself. Here we are truly one and I am so grateful for the peace I feel now.

Yes, we are one, and so I let it be in all its divine majesty. I release this word into the divine law of manifestation knowing, accepting, believing it is done in the mind of Spirit. And so I let it be.

Blessed Be

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