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Monday, December 18, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Move through Ill Health

I accept my perfect self ...

For You to imagine the perfection that is the truth of your body, mind and spirit so you can move forward through the frustration of ill health to realization of progress on your path to a more full experience of that perfection that is the truth.

Affirming that we share one Mind, that is, one creative medium through which all comes into existence, I take this time to pray with You, knowing that the purity of our thoughts and the sincerity of our emotions and the feelings they produce in us bring into experience that which is first held in imagination.

I take a deep breath in ... then let it go with a sigh ... With that sigh I release any thoughts of this day and relax into just this moment. I focus my attention on Spirit; Spirit in me, Spirit all around me ... I relax into the chair, into the floor, into the earth; I relax into the gentle flow of air as it passes back and forth through my lungs ... I relax into the gentle beating of my heart and the whoosh of blood flowing through my veins and arteries ... I relax into the presence of God ...

Here I am filled with awareness that God is all there is in truth. I feel the intelligence that comes forth at the beginning of time and space is everywhere equally present in the universe. God is here, there and everywhere. God is in me and you and the situation. God is perfect, whole and complete; God could not be otherwise. And I am one with God and You are one with God.

I speak my word now immersed in the presence of God, immersed in the creative medium of Mind with You. Eyes closed, heart open, body relaxed, breath natural and full, mind focused on God presence; I imagine myself standing straight and strong with a perfectly healthy body. I have a smile on my face and happiness in my heart. There is nothing I cannot do; I have no limitations. I feel good, I am strong, I am focused and clear about what I am to do next, I am excited by my present situation, the future I see for myself is bright and filled with love, I am calm and self-assured, I am light and happy, I am healthy, I am pursuing my dreams, I am unlimited ...

I accept my perfect self and with a grateful heart I move into my vision of perfection easily and naturally. Thank you God for revealing the fullness of your presence to me now. I release these words to your creative mind, knowing full well they are manifest and true even as they are spoken.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 4/30/00)


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