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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Financial Prosperity

I accept, for myself, financial prosperity ...

For You to relax, express yourself freely and easily and attract financial prosperity.

In the quiet of this moment I gently close my eyes and consciously relax by breathing deep and slow, dropping my shoulders smiling a little, feeling my seat on the chair and my feet on the floor ... yes, I relax into this moment ...

One Spirit, one omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent creative intelligence enveloping all of creation from beginning to end ... All that exists is this original intelligence in form. There is nothing in the universe that is separate from this intelligence, this Spirit.

Feeling this truth in this moment I know and accept my oneness with Spirit and the creative intelligence that expresses itself as this world. I feel and accept this creative power in my words now as I focus them on creating the life I most desire.

I claim for myself financial prosperity. I claim for myself clarity and decisiveness in my decisions. I release my fears and claim my power by taking time each day to sit in quiet contemplation on the gifts I bring to this world; I search my heart, my center, fearlessly exposing my most fervent dreams and desires; I let nothing stand in my way; I forgive and release all that I stand in judgment of; I move forward confident and bold toward my goal. I know and accept that I am not alone on this journey; Spirit is with me each step of the way and I recognize Spirit in all that I see around me, because all is Spirit. I find Spirit in my coworkers and cohorts; I find Spirit in those I give to and those I receive from. Spirit is all there is and my solution is in my relationship with Spirit. I culture and coddle this relationship each and every day with our special time together.

Spirit, I am so grateful to know and feel you in my life. I relax into your loving embrace and know and accept that all is well. I move forward diligently taking care of business knowing it is our business and I accept the rewards that come easily, gently, fully, completely.

And now I release this word into that creative law that always says yes. With a grateful heart I just let it be.

And so it is, now and always.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 12/14/05)


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