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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Parent with Teen in Trouble

I am Spirit powered by love ...

For Parent and teenage Child to feel the support of Spirit constantly and consistently as they grow through this apparent challenge together.

Sitting in the quiet I breathe in deeply, fully, completely ... and let it go with a sigh ... I continue breathing easily and gently ... I consciously relax into the chair as the gentle rhythm of my breath pulls my attention to my center ... I just relax into this center ... into this moment ... easily ... naturally ... gently ...

Spirit is all there is. One unconditional Presence in all that exists. One Creator holding all space and time within itself. One Power animating all galaxies, all stars, all planets, all life, all humanity.

Spirit is right here in my center ... Spirit is where we are; each of us is individualized Spirit. I know this truth for myself and for Parent and Child, in truth it can be no other way. The creative power of Spirit is who we are. I call upon this power in this moment to enliven, empower, embolden each of us to live our lives from this place of connection with our highest good. And I affirm that this is so, now! Parent is able to relax into their own self, their own consciousness of the situation and hold the high watch for Child, knowing love is the power that sees them through all obstacles; Child is able to call on this inner power to fulfill their obligations, feeling the love that supports them through all obstacles; I affirm this for each of us now and always.

I am so grateful for this power and presence that I feel in this moment -- in this moment that is eternal in truth. I accept the guidance of Spirit in this situation and affirm its constant background of nurturing support arising naturally in us. I am so grateful for this everlasting power of unconditional love to provide guidance and grounding to us.

Spirit is all there is -- each of us is Spirit in Action. I accept this, I bless this and I let it go. And so it is.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 12/15/05)


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