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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Calmness, Peace, Forgiveness

I accept Peace, Love and Forgiveness for each of us ...

For You to find peace within yourself as you pray for your friend to find calmness and peace and their spouse to find forgiveness in their heart.

Settling down to collect my thoughts I sit and relax... as I breathe gently and fully, I let my shoulders drop and my face relax ... I feel the floor beneath me and the air around me ... I relax into the naturalness and simplicity of this moment ...

There is one Power, one Presence, one Creative Intelligence creating this room, this world, this universe right now. This intelligence is in, of and through everything from beginning to end. There is no place this Intelligence is not fully and completely present. Yes, I relax into this truth, breathing it in and breathing it out ...

I easily and naturally accept my oneness with this Power, Presence, Intelligence and use it now in this prayer. I know and accept this Intelligence as active and present in these words because I am filled with this Intelligence now and always and pour it forth now in this concentrated prayer.

First, I claim for myself a sense of calm and peace, the peace from which all comes as I am one with the Creator of the universe right now.

As I relax into this peaceful sense of security and oneness with the divine, I consciously bring my friend to mind. I see them as relaxed and as one with me in this moment; we are one in the divine. I allow my sense of oneness and peace to flood over and fill them with its beauty and grace. I see it pushing out all the stress and dysfunction that is creating problems for their family. I see them happy and free. And I just let this be and continue expressing myself with Power, Presence and Intelligence.

And I continue speaking my word for my friend's spouse. In the oneness of this moment I claim for them a powerful connection with this Power, Presence and Creative Intelligence. I affirm with and for them an infusion of balance and harmony so that they see their way clear to forgive the past and grasp the present. I see them filled with life and light, approaching this challenge with equanimity and finding their higher, more joyful self in the process. And I just let this be.

I continue this prayer with a profound attitude of gratitude for the Love I feel within myself; the Love I know is with each person involved. And I just say thank you Creator of Life within for your gifts of clarity and vision.

In oneness with the divine I release this word into the creative law knowing and accepting the truth as manifest now.

And so it is. Amen

(Originally published on SharePrayer 10/8/05)


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