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Monday, December 11, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Express Highest Good

I am grounded in truth and centered in power ...

For You to quiet your mind and relax into this present moment and easily find, understand and move into the expression of your highest good.

Peacefully I sit in the chair, breathe deeply ... and relax each muscle in my body one at a time, taking all the time I need to really relax ... starting with my chest ... and moving up to my head and neck ... my shoulders ... arms and hands ... abdomen ... buttocks and thighs ... legs and feet ... I release all thoughts and open my mind to this present moment ...

I feel my feet on the floor and the earth beneath pulling me toward it, holding me with its constant, loving attraction ... I have an elemental connection with the earth and I feel it in this moment ... I know it is always there with me and for me ...

I feel the air all around me as I move through it and it moves through me ... I am refreshed by its touch on my skin and energized by its oxygen in my blood ... I am one with the air ... intimately involved in every way now and always ...

As I sit still with a quiet mind I sense the presence of another constant in my life ... I wonder why and how it is I sit on this spinning globe breathing, living, moving, being ... In this moment I know there is one intelligence creating me and all I see, think and feel, because it can be no other way ... This is Spirit; Spirit is invisible, ever present and totally creative ... Whenever I relax like this I feel creativity, understanding and clarity of purpose and action moving me forward to express my individuality. I know I am guided by this original intelligence named Spirit.

In truth I know Spirit is all there is and that I am one with Spirit. Spirit is the power creating heaven and earth and I use this power to create my life. In this moment I am free in Spirit, I am free in the World, to create my ideal life and I consciously do so right now. I am grounded in truth and centered in power and I move freely toward my goals. Through tears or through laughter, through pain or through pleasure, through work or through play, I move forward with Spirit as my guide and I am glad.

Thank you Spirit within for awakening me to my power and strength; I am forever grateful and humble as I accept myself as one with you. I move forward now with a renewed sense of peace and with an attitude of gratitude for the wholeness I feel inside. I release these words to your creative law knowing they are true and manifest even before they are spoken. So it is and so I let it be.

Blessed Be

(Originally published on SharePrayer 5/3/99)


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