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Friday, November 17, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Marriage and Family

I enjoy and give thanks for this miracle ...

For Women waiting for marriage and family to relax into the power of creation within themselves and listen to the rhythm of life as it is expressed in them right now and by so doing to become one with their evolutionary path as each looks for what is next in life for them as individuals and in a family.

Peacefully sitting here I breathe deep ... close my eyes ... exhale long and slow ... and sit. I just sit here with my attention on my breathing ... slow and gentle ... excited and rapid ... natural rhythm ... I feel my heart ... I hear my heart ... I feel the relationship between breath, heart, choice, feeling, hearing, thinking ... I melt into the moment ... I am one with the passing of time ... I am one with the movement of life ... I am one with the ever present creative power of life that is constantly unfolding and becoming more because I am alive!

There is one power, one presence, one creator everywhere equally present. It is in me, around me, expressing as me right now. It can be no other way.

I accept this fact and hold it tight as I think upon that which my life ideally is. I accept my life as a gift of the creator. I accept my role in the unfolding drama of the larger life of which I am a part. I accept the power I have within me to create that which furthers me most perfectly on the path of life.

I relax into the arms of a man, my special man, and am well pleased at the feelings of love, health and power that stir within me. In this moment I affirm that I am whole, complete and perfect and that life is full with the miracle of the creator.

I see myself with children around me. I love these children; they love me. I relax into this feeling and am pleased at the special and unique relationship I have with each and every young one. My sisters are with me and we are one in our joy with the children. I am so happy ... my best dreams have all come true.

I enjoy and give thanks for this miracle I am one with. I give thanks for my family and the power of the creator as it expresses through us. I am grateful to know that I am never alone and that every travail that happens to me along the path of life is temporary and has a lesson within it to teach me more about being happy, truly happy.

I accept good humor and positive thinking as tools to help me live a happy and fulfilled life. Thank you creative power in me for this wonderful opportunity I call life. I will never forsake you, I will never forget you, as I release these words into your rhythm of life evolving.

So it is and so I let it be.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 4/12/00)


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