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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Healing the Patient

I affirm the divine perfection of (the patient).

For peace of mind for You and family as we know together that Spirit expresses perfectly through (the Patient) as divine right healing.

Relax into the peacefulness of this day ... breathing easily and naturally ... relax into the peace always present in the center of being ... relax into that peaceful point around which all life revolves ... relax into the center of being ... relax into the heart space around which Life revolves ... relax into the center where we all touch each other and eternity ...

Now, fully immersed in the beingness of this moment, I open myself to the guidance of the intelligence creating all there is ... I relax into the Spirit of this moment, into the perfection of this moment, into the fullness of this moment, into the completeness of this moment ...

Here I affirm the divine perfection of (the Patient) and know that they are one with this creative intelligence I am immersed in ... that we are immersed in ... I know all their health care providers are filled with and guided by this intelligence, this Spirit that is always present in life ... I know and hereby affirm the happiness that is always present in life for myself, for (the Patient), for the family ... I relax into the sureness of life unfolding in divine perfection ... I see (the Patient) enveloped in this divinity and I see them growing into their full potential, naturally, easily.

I feel and express great gratitude for the power of Spirit, for the power of Intelligence flowing through me now, flowing through (the Patient) now, flowing through the family now ...

I accept this as true and actual and in faith believing I release these words into Universal Law knowing they are true even as they are spoken. And so I let them be and so they are now and forevermore.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 10/12/97)


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