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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Lost New Born

I dance with Spirit and Spirit dances with me ...

For a couple that has lost a new born to know the Oneness of Spirit so completely they find Peace with the Spark of Creation they held for a time and to know there are many more Sparks waiting for the perfect opportunity to create a home with them.

In peaceful contemplation I sit feeling the tears welling up inside me as I imagine holding a young child in my arms. The love I feel is so immense it transcends space and time and is total and complete and eternal. There is one life, one Divine Presence in and through all that exists. This presence is me now. This new life I hold in my imagination is this Presence. We are One now and forever; there can be no separation in this Oneness. This knowledge buoys my spirit when I open my eyes and there is no child here to hold in my arms.

The feeling of Oneness continues to be with me, buoying my spirit as I go through the day and intensifies when I take my beloved in my arms and hold and am held. In this time I feel the Oneness strongly and feel the presence of new life stirring in my thoughts and my beloved's thoughts. In this quiet, still, gentle embrace I am supported; with my eyes closed I feel One with the universal dance; now I know I am the Creator and the Created. In this archetypal, primordial dance there can be no wrong move -- it just is eternally graceful and complete through all its changes.

I peacefully accept this and go about my life feeling blessed for this realization of Life and wait patiently, though excited, for the next glimmer of new being to quicken in my life. I feel so blessed, I am so thankful for this wonderful life expressing as me, through me. I dance with Spirit and Spirit dances with me ...

I gently let these words float away knowing in Oneness that all is well. And so I let it be; and so it is!

Blessed are we!

(Originally published on SharePrayer 9/20/97)


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