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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Alzheimers

I am immersed in God, I am one with God ...

For happiness and well-being for your loved one in early stages of Alzheimers.

As I sit down to write this it is late in the evening, almost time to go to bed. So, I just yawn and relax with a sigh ... and watch my breath for a few minutes as I let go of the busyness in my mind ...

Slowly I feel the presence of the One Creator of all that exists right here where I sit. I feel this presence in the beat of my heart ... I feel this presence in the movement of my thoughts as I listen deep within for guidance in this prayer. I feel this presence in each breath as I consciously breathe in Love and breathe out Love. Immersed in Love, I know in this moment Love is all there is and God is Love, so in truth there is only God. I am immersed in God and I am one with God. I feel it, I see it, I smell it, I hear it in these very words.

Now I choose to claim my happiness and well-being for right here and right now and for all time. I feel my oneness with the power, peace and wisdom of God, and I choose to use these qualities in my life now. I choose to remember myself as I truly am: whole, complete and perfect with all the qualities of God within me. I choose to partner with God in remembering myself as a happy cocreator of my life with God as my guide. I choose to see God in all those around me and to know that I am safe with God.

As I claim my well-being I know and affirm that I draw to me the perfect right people to be with me as I move forward in my life. I see God in each and everyone and am compassionate and understanding of them as they are with me. I relax and let God take care of the details. I relax and let my daily prayers comfort and empower me. I relax and enjoy myself now and always.

Grateful for the inspiration that flows through me today, I relax and accept it with humility and grace. Thank you God for being with me in time of need and in time of celebration. I always remember you, I always love you, I always see you in all I see.

So, God, I release these words into your law knowing full well in faith believing that these words are true and manifest now. And so I let it be.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 10/20/02)


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