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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Law of Circulation

I choose to move as one with Spirit's song ...

For You to know that perfect expression of God through you, as you, is the Truth and that you are totally supported by the Law of Circulation ...

Deep within I go, easily and naturally, as my eyes close and the rhythm of breathing fills my awareness. I pause and enjoy this feeling of peace I experience in this moment as all external stimulation fades into the background and the vast ocean within opens before me. Myriad thoughts rise and pass away as I let go and ride the rhythm of breathing into the sea of awareness ...

All there is is God. Beauty, peace, joy, light, love surround me, envelop me, nurture me. I feel the power of the One presence around me, in me, through me expressing as my Life! In this silent, peaceful moment I let all this go and experience total Oneness with all that is. It can be no other way. Unity is the Truth. Yes!

As this is true for me now I know this truth for everyone and everything for there is no separation -- we are One! It is this Oneness that buoys my faith and strengthens me as I move forward through life, confident, strong, filled with Spirit. Everywhere I look I see the face of God and know this is but a reflection of me. Wow!

I move gracefully, passionately, gently, reverently, enthusiastically through Life! Attracting to me just the right people to support me spiritually and materially through my work. My eyes are open, my heart is open, my arms are open and I receive abundantly and give generously, participating fully in the Law of Circulation.

Thank you Spirit for opening me fully to your presence in my life. I accept my freedom now to choose; I choose to express my gift and receive my good, naturally, fully, easily; I choose to move as one with Spirit's song and enter fully into the harmony of Life unfolding as the highest good for everyone.

Gratefully I release these words to the Law, feeling great satisfaction with Life as it unfolds in all its beauty and magnificence around me, through me, as me. And so I let it be, and so it is!


(Originally published on SharePrayer 10/9/97)


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