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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Relax and Flow

I release all judgments and preconceived notions ...

For You to relax into the oneness of life and know divine clarity within guides you to your natural and complete expression in the world and opens you to accept Life's rewards that naturally flow to and through you as you follow your true path in the world.

Relax with me into this moment. Let go of all agitation or "busyness" that may occupy you. Breathe deeply into this moment and as you continue breathing deeply, gently, fully, taking in fresh air, think "welcome" and as you push out the old stale air, think "thank you". Do this for several breaths ...

Now affirm:

From this positive ground I have set for my self, I allow my thoughts to flow from my center, from my heart, from my whole being. In this moment I know I am one with the intelligence creating the universe; it can be no other way. As my thoughts are flowing from the center of my being, I know the universe is flowing from the center of its being; moving ever outward creating new forms as it goes. I recognize that process! My thoughts create new forms as they flow from the center of my being. ... I release those thoughts that fill my head with mindless chatter and turn my attention to my heart, to my center, and listen; I listen peacefully, with Love and Joy filling my body and mind with soft caresses; I hear those words I need to hear to find the courage within me to live in my integrity; I hear the ancestors urging me forward to express my truth fully and completely ...

I listen, I hear, and I follow the guidance coming from deep within my being. I accept the truth that I am a divine creation of the One Mind; I accept my place here, now, and move forward intent and eager and filled with passion; passion to express myself, passion to live fully, passion to be me! I release all judgments and preconceived notions and let go and let spirit flow unhampered through my life. As I reach in, into my inner most being, I also reach out, out to the world, knowing in truth there is no difference. I find peace in this truth; I find power in this truth; I find my true self in this truth.

Thank you spirit for the clarity I feel in this moment; thank you self for opening so completely and accepting the truth; thank you intelligence in me for guiding me to this place, to this understanding, to this knowledge and beyond ...

I release these words to the wholeness I feel within, knowing they are manifest even before they are spoken. So I let it be, and so it is.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 11/17/96)


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