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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Your Family Knows Peace, Creativity and Happiness

I know and affirm that my words create results...

For your Family to know, feel and live peacefully, creatively and happily together.

One. We are One ... we are One ... I am you, you are me, we are One ... These lyrics come to me easily as I sit here and think of change, growth, evolution in our lives and they ring so true. Beneath the apparent separation that our modern, busy lives are filled with, I sense the presence of a unifying factor ... Ernest Holmes calls this factor Love -- Love, the only Power ... Love, the Law of Attraction that keeps all the individual pieces of the universe revolving around each other ... everything, from the smallest to the largest revolves around those individuals that exist on the same scale. Our human lives are no different.

Relaxing now, I breathe deeply and easily ... I breathe in Love ... I breathe out Love ... and so it goes ... Love is the only Power, it is everywhere equally present in the Universe. I feel the Presence of Love in me as I continue breathing Love ... in and out. I Love myself; I Love all around me; this original Love I cannot deny and know now that I am connected to everything around me and to the whole Universe. I relax into these thoughts more deeply ...

I am One with the Power of Love and the Power of Love is One with me. I am able now to speak my word creatively as One with the Spirit of Love. I carefully choose these words knowing their spontaneous creative power is unstoppable. I send these words forth to bless all around me; I know and affirm that my words create results for the highest good of all those touched by them. I declare my intent to live fully within the Law of Good creating harmony, balance, peace and happiness with all those that are in my life. I do this by standing strong for who I am; I do this by being flexible in my strength when the winds of change blow; I do this by carefully helping and guiding those that look to me for support; I do this by listening to those around me and by respecting their opinions; I do this by honoring my inner guidance; I do this by consistently moving toward the realization of my potential in this life.

I accept and am grateful for these words; I speak them with a heartfelt sense of gratitude and humility. I know they are acting in my life even now, as I hear them echoing in my mind. As I open my Heart, Mind and Spirit to this moment of conciliation, I am truly open to outcome. The only mistake possible here is to turn away from Love. I am able to truly say, feel and live the words, "Go with Love".

I know and accept the deeper meaning of these words and now just let them Be. The creative process accepts these words and molds them into worldly experience. So it is and so I let it be.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 10/6/96)


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