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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Equanimity

I look in the mirror and I see You in Me ...

For You to find constant and consistent connection with the Peace, Joy, and Beauty of Spirit that is truly always at the center of your being.

Breathing easily and gently I relax into my body ... With each breath I feel more grounded ... more present in this moment ... With each breath I consciously choose to be here now ... letting go all thoughts ... all worries ... all shoulds and have tos ... and just breathe in this moment ... This is it! ... This is what I am doing and it is right ... I am sitting here breathing ...

I know there is one Spirit equally present in all creation. I know this Spirit is right where I am now. As I relax with these thoughts in my mind, I feel peaceful and calm ... this equanimity is the Truth before anything else in my life; this equanimity is at the center of my being.

I affirm: Yes, I am One with Spirit and Spirit is One with me. Spirit is Peace, Joy, Beauty and all other positive qualities and I am all these things before I am anything else. Yes, I like this. Yes, I Live this. Yes, I find my rest in this Truth.

I know this infinite space, this timeless place exists within me. I accept this Truth about me and as I look around me I see this Truth is everywhere equally present at the heart of all things, all people, all creation. Yes, I call on this powerful connection right now to bring me the strength and comfort I require and replenish me with inexhaustible supply.

As I breathe in I accept this moment for the timeless support it is ... as I breathe out I release all that serves me no more ... as I breathe in I accept the Peace that is present in this and every moment ... as I breathe out I release unhappiness ... as I breathe in I accept Joy into my life ... as I breathe out I release all that holds me down ... as I breathe in I accept the Beauty inherent in life as my own ... as I breathe out I release the veils that block the truth from my vision ... I see my path clearly before me and move forward freely and easily with Spirit as my guide ... I manifest the truth that is always with me ...

Thank you Spirit for this eternal, infinite moment. You are always with me and I turn to you now and always when I feel the need for support and encouragement. Thank you for your infinite patience and unconditional Love. I look in the mirror and I see You in Me. This is the way it is meant to be. And as I release these words to Your loving embrace, I know, accept and bless this Truth now. And so it is.

Blessed Be

(Use the affirmations above to remind yourself of your truth throughout the day. And, remember, you are free to use your own words in the prayer to claim that which you most desire. This is written to read silently or aloud as your own, slowly, peacefully, passionately; feel it with your body, your mind and your inborn Spirit; share it with a friend. The more you feel, in yourself, the truth you put in the prayer, the more you experience that truth in life.)

(Originally published on SharePrayer 5/6/97)


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