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Friday, September 15, 2006

For Healing and Renewal of Our Forests

I feel the kinship we have with all the forests...

For healing and renewal of strength and vitality for our damaged trees and all who love them.

As I sit and close my eyes my thoughts go out to the trees and their stewards ... I stop, take this moment to center myself here, right here where I am ... I feel my feet as I place them firmly on the rug ... I feel the earth supporting the house, the floor, the chair, me ... I feel the air rushing into my lungs and then out again in its eternal rhythm ... I feel my heart beating, incessantly moving blood to every part of this body ... Life is present, right here where I am ...

I know there is one Life, one Power, one Presence everywhere equally present in the universe. I feel it, I know it, I believe it, right now. From the beginning of time and space there is one continuous evolution of complexity and consciousness. There is no separation in truth between anything in the universe; no separation between anything in creation. All is equally important to the whole shebang.

With this in mind I have a new perspective on my role in Life. I am a self conscious, creative, contributor that is equally important as the galaxies, the sun, the oceans, the mountains, the animal life, the plant life, and people everywhere, to this universe of ours. I stop, I breathe this in, and let it go again ... I feel it in my mind, in my emotions, in my body, in my bones ... It is true! All existence is equally important in the large picture and the small picture. We live in a harmonious balance, a wonderful dance of elements, making up the whole of existence.

With this recognition and unification in mind, I consciously and creatively speak my word knowing it is causative in this universe. I open my mind, my heart, my emotions to express themselves in a way that will bring healing to the forests and those that care for them. I feel a deep love for their ancient wisdom that holds us close through all history. I feel the importance of that knowledge, wisdom, perspective which they give to their stewards and through them to the world. I feel the kinship we have with all the forests of the earth and the life they shelter.

These words brought to mind are for all the trees in all the forests of the world. That each and every one may be honored for the gifts they are in providing us with shelter, food, warmth, oxygen, and stability. That each and everyone is allowed to serve its highest purpose, free of mindless, brutal actions and free of disease. That the help that is vital to their health comes to them, wherever they are, easily, freely and completely. That understanding, compassion and common sense replace ignorance, lust and greed as the motivating factors of the governments and corporations that hold these forests as property. That all the people of the world realize the importance of these beings to our health and wholeness and take action to protect them.

As I listen to these words ringing in my ears, I say thank you divine intelligence for your kindness and wisdom in bringing these words to manifestation. For I know that as it is spoken so is it experienced here and now. I accept this, I bless this, and I release this into the divine to be made so. And so it is.

Blessed Be

(Originally published on SharePrayer 12/3/00)


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