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Monday, September 11, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Right Place

I accept my original perfection ...

For You to relax and know that peace of mind and security that comes from feeling you are in the right place, doing the right thing at the right time; and to open to receive inspiration to act on just the right opportunity from the limitless possibilities that this relaxed state of being opens for you.

I breathe deeply and relax into my body ... My thoughts follow my breath in its oceanic rhythm ... I feel my connection with every living thing on earth through the ocean of air we share ... Wow! ... I feel my connection with every thing in existence through the one creative process we share ...

My inner vision sees this Earth floating in the vast sea of space, sharing this total openness with all other heavenly bodies as far as the mind can see in all directions ... At once I feel the Oneness and the individuality we are in this Universe as a wonderful appreciation for all that is ... I call this feeling Love. I feel Love in me and just know this energy circulates through all that is, holding all together in mutual respect. Respect for that Intelligence within us that allows, inspires, guides us as we grow from conception to fulfillment.

I relax further into this flow of Love knowing I am safe and I open my mind completely to receive inspiration and guidance from the source of life. I let go of any ideas of limitation and separation as they arise; I turn away and embrace the oneness of the universe and the perfection of the whole in their place. I accept my perfect part in this whole as I let go and let Love flow. In truth it can be no other way. I accept my original perfection that precedes any conditions I find in my life now ... As I rest now in this original truth I know there are no mistakes ... I accept the unfolding of my life as I accept the blooming of a flower ... it is beautiful, natural and guided by an inner intelligence connected with the intelligence that is unfolding the universe.

I relax and let go and accept the freedom to move in this open field of all possibilities. I can make no real mistakes as I move forward guided on my path by Love expressing through me, as me. I feel deep, sincere gratitude for the realization of these truths now. Thank you Universe for opening before me and showing me I am not alone. I am comforted and empowered by all I feel and see in this moment and carry it forward with me as I grow on.

I open my hands and let go of all I have grasped here knowing what I need is all around me and with me always. I release and let go and let Love flow as me, as you, as us, knowing in truth we are one. Joyfully I let this be and so it is.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 9/10/06)


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