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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Right Livelihood & Happiness

I consciously choose that which I manifest in my life ...

For You to relax into the flow of creation and accept that profound guidance urging you forward into the mystery to manifest perfect right livelihood and happiness.

As I gaze out the window on this serene, sunny morning I breathe deeply ... and let it go with a sigh ... with a big yawn I enter into conscious appreciation of the rhythm of life ... I breathe in love ... I breathe out love ... My heart adds its regular beat, moving energy to every part of me ... My thoughts add their melody line, guiding me ... And here I sit, one with the harmony of life ...

I consciously turn my attention to the creative power behind the harmony I am and find my individuality connected to the source of all that exists. I feel this one power creating everything. I feel this constant energy flowing out from the beginning and see it all around me; I see it manifesting everything. I am one with this flow; I am one with this energy; I am one with the creative medium of the universe.

As I relax further into this vision I am aware of my ability to form the creative medium with my thoughts. I consciously choose that which I manifest in my life now. I move forward confidently into the mystery of life toward that goal I hold inside. I move forward into a healthy environment filled with unexplored potential and here I find my right livelihood easily and naturally. The people I meet and the situations I create are perfect for my evolution now. I move forward with the winds of change at my back, to claim that purpose and contribution I hold inside. In this process I find happiness.

I am grateful for the vision and the words that come to me so easily and readily today. I move into their realization each day, one step at a time, with a thankful heart. I accept the power of Spirit to guide my life rightly and am happy with the results.

I release these words into the harmony that is life unfolding, knowing the creative medium takes them and makes them so even as they are spoken. And so I let it be and so it is.

Blessed Be

(Originally published on SharePrayer 2/14/00)


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