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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Law of Attraction in Free Expression

I am one with my family now and forever ...

For You to relax into this life and the truth you bring to the world, thereby expressing yourself freely and fully.

I sit. I think. Thoughts come and go. I breathe in and I breathe out. I am here, now, in this present moment.

I consciously shift my attention to the presence of Spirit. As I focus my thought on Spirit, I feel an expansion of my awareness. I am aware that Spirit is always right where I am and that Spirit is always equally present in all the universe. I relax into this awareness ... I feel it flowing in me and through me ... I am one with the creative flow of energy and information that is the universe.

Now that I am relaxed, now that I am focused, now that I recognize my oneness with the creative power of the universe, I choose to speak my word to bring into manifestation that which is mine to manifest.

I claim clarity when confusion arises in me. I claim openness when I feel a tendency to shut down. I claim the opportunity to cherish, nurture and love. I claim peace when conflict arises. I claim forward movement when I am stuck. I claim positive change as a constant in my life.

I embrace harmlessness in all my actions. I am inspired to be myself when doubt enters my mind. I express joy easily and naturally. Compassion guides me in delicate situations. Love anchors me and keeps me safe as I move consciously through life's adventures. I am one with the evolutionary growth I sense within me and all around me. I draw strength from the unity of life. I accept all resources as allies on my path to realization of my dreams.

I am one with my family now and forever. I love my family and feel the power of my ancestors with me now, even as I express my uniqueness. My family is large: I embrace my spouse as my family. I accept my friends as family. I relate with my spiritual community as family. Everywhere I look I see the interconnectedness and interdependence that says to me we are one family, in one world.

As I close this affirmative prayer, I am moved to thank the one power that moves through me and all the universe for the gift it brings to me today, and every day. I give thanks for my natural ability to align myself with this power; and through this alignment realize what is mine to realize; and to manifest that which is mine to manifest. I am very grateful for the knowledge this power brings to me that I am whole, complete and perfect just as I am now.

With these thoughts complete, I release them into the creative law of mind, knowing and accepting, that as it is spoken, so it is done. And I just let it be.


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