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Sunday, July 23, 2006

And then... I had this dream...

I was shopping in a store, a nice clothing store. When I went in there was a big wall that was nicely done that looked like a lot of lockers and doors all stacked up and covering the whole wall; I could tell it was decoration and not the real thing. There was a promotion going on that said to go stand in front of it and the secret would be revealed.

I didn't do that right away, I went on with my shopping, looking at this and that wandering around the store. I got to a part of the store where the lights we turned down low, there weren't very many people in the store and I figured they were saving energy; a sales person asked me if I needed help about that time and said no I was just browsing.

Then I noticed that there was another wall, just like the one around front that I was working my way back to, so I went and stood in front of it. It opened like it was a huge elevator door.

I stepped into a room that was empty, it had a nice hardwood floor and I was facing a wall of windows; I only remember one other person being in there and, like me, was looking around at the walls, three of which were just like the walls on the outside with all the different doors, and woods, kind of like looking at a painting that is not totally objective... wondering why I feel comfortable in this room with nothing in it... wondering what the secret is... is it somehow in the painting/collage on the wall?... and then the floor started down like an elevator, except unlike an elevator it quickly fell away leaving me suspended in air being supported by wind somehow. After that initial "elevator shock" I was completely comfortable and at ease. In my mind I was remembering the advertising for this "adventure" saying that you'll just love it when The Secret is revealed to you and you really experience it. As I turned I could see the other person floating just like me...

I just stayed there floating and turning feeling totally supported and safe. It was truly a transformative experience with lots of the qualities of previous transformative experiences. Then the floor came back and I left by the door near the front of the store feeling really good, very high, very positive, but grounded and present.

As I exited the store I picked up a poster advertising a concert this store was sponsoring; I thought "what a cool store with all these public offerings they are involved in beyond just selling clothes". I looked at the poster and analyzed it the way only a designer and printer would about the quality of the paper and their use of ink and varnish and foil and just how well done and elegant the design is; then, with a twinge of sadness, I thought "so much goes in to creating this beautiful piece and most of them just get tossed away". Even the one I was holding, I had already folded it in thirds so I could carry it easier.

I turned to the left and walked down the sidewalk.

That's the dream. I do feel more balanced and have a sense of peace about me today. A new friend phoned and offered to look deeper into the dream with me; this is something she is very good at; I accepted and found out many important things about me from our investigation.

In order to live a balanced life we must be open to what life presents us. So it goes.

Monday, July 17, 2006

I know, I know, I'm supposed to do this daily...

Ah, life is a series of events connected by time... And this is one event that is getting strung out on a time line. I'm busy creating a wonderful life and have little time to share it with you all, at this time. But here is a little picture for you to ponder... which bird am I? Which bird are you? Does it matter, because its just a cool picture, and it doesn't have to be a metaphor for anything? Let me know. Thanks, Peter

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I followed a Red Paper Clip and found my self here...

Hmmm, curiosity leads one to places one wouldn't necessarily consciously choose to go. That's where I find myself as I type this. I had no intention of starting a blog tonight and here I am typing away into my own, brand new blog. Strange. I saw a link to Kyle's Red Paper Clip adventure ( and followed it through all its trades; thought I'd tell him what I thought about that with a comment and in order to sign the comment it asked if I was a blogger. Hmmm, what's that about, I think and click on "No Blogger Account? click here" and that's how I got here.

I picked the template with the dots, or bubbles as I prefer to see them, because they remind me of all the random thoughts floating through my head; you know little thought balloons just waiting to be filled, or colored in, or left alone. Little stepping stones to a fuller understanding of who we are and why we are here.

I don't have time to fully explain the title of this blog at this moment. But let me say that I know we all come from one source; scientists call it the "Big Bang" when our universe of time and space began; all that exists comes from that dramatic event, therefore we are all made up of the same stuff; the intelligence that we display whether it is typing these words, reading these words, or witnessing our skin heal from a scratch, is the same intelligence that is present in the "Big Bang"; therefore we are one intelligence in many individual expressions; we are one living, growing, evolving entity; all that exists is engaged in a wonderful symphony and dance that in the big picture is infinitly beautiful. Why then at the human level do we do the things we do to one another that appear mean, painful, destructive, etc.? What does it take to realize our potential as a species to live in balance and harmony, not just with ourselves, but with the natural world we live in?