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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Law of Attraction -- From Shadows into Passion for Living

I accept the nourishing guidance of Spirit ...

For You to let go of shadow side and light side and just be in the void thereby letting that spark of "desire to be real" grow and flame into passion for living.

Confused, scattered, alone, I sit down and look out the window ... I breathe in deeply and then let it go with a whoosh ... several times ... It is a quiet morning ... the trees move slightly as a breeze passes by ... I allow myself to merge into this natural scene ... I close my eyes and feel thoughts pass through my mind, like the breeze through the trees ... I let them pass and relax deeper into my being ...

Here, inside my mind, I feel that intelligence that is in all nature, that is in all creation, evolving it from a single event into all I experience ... I feel this power in me right now and know I am one with it as is all around me ... in truth it can be no other way ...

Accepting the oneness of my mind with universal mind I accept that my thoughts and words are creative expressions of that intelligence creating all there is. Therefore, I deliberately and consciously choose to claim my highest good and greatest creativity and most generous rewards by being exactly who I am in truth.

The negative, nasty, depressed, bitter, thoughts and resentments pass by me like the breeze through the trees and they are gone ... I accept the nourishing guidance of Spirit I find here, inside my mind, universal mind, and know this is the foundation life is built upon ...

I return to these true roots whenever I feel challenged ... I sit and relax into the moment and allow the darkness to pass me by and find that spark of light that is always in the center of my being ... the creative spark of Spirit from which I come as an individual expression of the oneness of all existence. As I sit and feel itsa warmth, it grows in size and strength and I move forward using this inner strength and light to guide me on my chosen path to full self-expression.

Thank you Spirit within for always being here, right where I am ... I turn to you now and always to nurture, strengthen and guide me on my path through life.

I am forever grateful and release these words to the flow of evolution knowing I am guided through every obstacle. And so I let it be and so it is.

Blessed Be

(Originally published on SharePrayer 5/18/98)


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