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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Healing Power Within Life and Death

I bless my family as myself for we are one ...

For those facing apparent terminal illness to do so with equanimity and for them to maintain an openness to and acceptance of the healing power within Life and Death.

Relaxing into this new day I breathe in deeply ... and then let it all go ... I breathe in Peace ... I breathe out confusion ... I breathe in Power ... I breathe out fear ... I breathe in Wisdom ... I breathe out ignorance ... With each in breath I accept the healing qualities of Spirit ... With each out breath I release all elements of dis-ease ... continuing this process in the background I consciously speak my word now affirming that which I know to be true:

There is one power, one creative force equally present in all the universe. This power, this force, comes forth at the beginning of time and moves with all creation through every step of evolution to the very end of time. There is no place this power, this force, this intelligence is not wholly, perfectly present and effective. I am one with this power right now and I know it and accept this truth into my mind, into my body, into my soul. In truth it can never be any other way and right now I see this clearly, I feel this dearly, I accept this fearlessly. I and the creative power of Spirit are one harmonious, perfect unity!

In this unity I close my eyes, I relax and let go of all earthly bonds and float suspended in time and space and take time to appreciate the miracle of Life. I look at my past, I look at my future, I look at my family, I look at this process I am totally caught up in and all I feel is Love. Love, that ever present attraction of this for that, holding the universe together. Love, that powerful emotion of self appreciation that holds each of us together as unified beings. Love, that wonderful bond that holds families together in good times and in bad times. All I feel is Love right now as I take time to be totally present in just this moment ...

This moment in my life is born in unity and maintains this unity for the whole duration of its existence; then it passes into the next moment and the same is true; there is never and can never be a true separation of all the parts of the universe; there are only changes, transformations from one level to the next. I am an immortal, eternal being of light passing from one form to the next. This precious human life gives me the opportunity to see, feel, and know myself and others. I cherish this opportunity and enjoy each moment to the fullest.

In this fullness of life and joy and harmony I release all preconceived ideas and open fully to the guidance of the creative power within me that I call Spirit. I accept the healing power that is behind each and every condition in my life and I allow it to come forward into the foreground so that all I experience is grounded in Love, Peace, Joy, Beauty, Light, Power and Life. I know and accept that I am not alone now and can never be alone in truth. For this and so much more I am eternally grateful.

I release these words into the creative law knowing they are true and manifest now and always. And so I let it be, now and forevermore.

Blessed Be.

(Originally published on SharePrayer 1/23/98)


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