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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Peaceful Closure with Parents

I relax into Oneness and am free ...

For continued peaceful closure with my beloved parents.

Sitting in the present moment I breathe deep and relax... I continue this practice ... relaxing deeper into my connection with the creative power of the universe... I am one with the creative intelligence creating all there is, I am one with Spirit. I continue breathing deeper into my center, into this unity with Spirit...

Spirit is all there is in Truth, the creative power of the universe holding all together with love, the universal power of attraction. One Spirit, one Life, one Love, one Universe, one World, one People ... Here I feel a wonderful connection with all that is... and all that was... here there is no time, no space, just this present moment... and this moment can expand to cover all time and space. I relax here in the center of creation as it pours through me. I am free to travel wherever I wish to be, and I do...

I honor my ancestors and relax into these memories that come easily into my mind. I honor by beloved parents, and allow the memories to flood my mind... my emotions are full and express my love for them... Yes, I am grateful so grateful to be your son and for all that we have been through together... Thank you Spirit within for opening this door, connecting us here in this present moment to express our love freely and openly... I sense the continuity of our family heritage and am pleased to be a vital part of this lineage. I honor and respect each of you, mother and father, and give homage to you now.

As I continue to relax and process in this grounded, centered state I am filled with gratitude and thanksgiving for the spiritual connection I have with my parents through Spirit. Thank you for guiding me, sustaining me, nurturing me, loving me, being with me always. I never forget you, I never forsake you, in truth we are one.

As it is spoken, felt, experienced, so I let it be and release this word into the divine law of oneness, knowing this unity is always right where I am when I take the time to relax into it I am blessed.

Blessed are We

(Originally published on SharePrayer 12/21/05)


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