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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Law of Attraction -- Healing Arts Work

I am a healing arts professional ...

For You to relax and open your heart and know that you are moving forward on your path to total realization of your inborn potential wherever you practice healing work. And that the right changes in your place of employment all come naturally and easily as they are right for you.

Gently I think upon myself. I close my eyes and allow the thoughts to come and go ... I hold on to nothing and let all flow ... I breathe easily, gently, fully ... I place my intention on understanding more clearly who I am in the world and what my role is now ... I open my heart, my mind, my emotions to receive input from the intelligence that is the source of all that exists ...

I know there is one power, one presence, one energy everywhere equally present in the universe and I allow myself to be fully connected with this wholeness right now. I know there is no place or time this wholeness is not completely present and available. I relax and feel its presence now. And in this conscious merging of the deepest subconscious part of myself with my present awareness I find the power to speak my word knowing it is creative in my life and in the world around me.

Now, I know I am a healing arts professional and that, wherever I am, this is what I do best. I feel called to travel and be with those that seek healing in other parts of the world and I know that wherever I am is where I am most effective. I relax into this knowledge and accept it without regret. I do my work wherever I am and my work is perfect. I know I am a spiritual being having a human experience and that wherever I am, the creative intelligence creating all that exists is with me and my patients. This is the law and I accept it. I know and claim that all changes in my employment are easy and natural and in alignment with my personal evolution and the evolution of the world. I carry a positive attitude wherever I go and spread it around freely.

Peacefully and gratefully I accept this as my life. I thank the universal intelligence for filling me with feelings of power and support as I reach out to express myself fully in the world. I am grateful for the clarity of thought and confidence I have now. Thank you for being with me through all the changes of my life.

I release these words to the intelligent unfolding of the universe knowing they are causative and effective in the world now. So it is and so I let it be.


(Use the affirmations above to remind yourself of your truth throughout the day. And, remember, you are free to use your own words in the prayer to claim that which YOU most desire. This is written to read silently or aloud as your own, slowly, peacefully, passionately; feel it with your body, your mind and your inborn Spirit; share it with a friend. The more you feel, in yourself, the truth you put in the prayer, the more you experience that truth in life.)

(First published on SharePrayer 9-22-99)

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