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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Law of Attraction -- Family dealing with Disease

I am natural and free in the world ...

For your Family to come together as one with Spirit in Strength, Patience, and Understanding as everyone regains physical, mental, emotional and spiritual Balance and Harmony when one member is dealing with anorexia or other disease.

I take this time to relax into this moment, releasing all other thoughts except those of relaxing into this moment. In this moment I sit and breathe regularly and deeply, feeling the movement of my chest and lungs as they contract and expand in a gentle rhythm. In this rhythm I feel the intelligence of the creator as I take this time to notice the complexity of my own body, of my own living. This intelligence that is present in me now and always must be equally present everywhere in the universe. In the simple action of placing my awareness on my breathing, I become aware of my connection with the intelligence creating all that exists.

With this awareness and realization fresh in my mind I release all care and worry into the flow of my breath and let them be diluted in the immensity of universal consciousness. As I continue to sit and breathe, in just this moment, my awareness turns to the creative power that is in me now and always. I am one with the universal creative intelligence; this awakens in me creative power. I can choose what to do with my creative power from an unlimited list of possibilities. I focus on the truth in this thought and ask myself, "What is it I choose to create from this moment on?"

I consciously choose to turn my attention away from the disease and toward health. In this way I bring into experience more resources that support a healthy environment and an atmosphere of healing for each of us. I accept the healing presence and power of Spirit into every aspect of my life and our life.

I choose to create a safe place for me to let go and relax into the present moment. I choose to use my creative power to bring Spirit, Strength, Patience and Understanding into my everyday life. I choose to view my family and my situation with equanimity and bring Balance and Understanding into our lives. I choose to see each one as a divine child of the universe filled with unlimited potential. And I choose to model these ideals for all to see by being me, easily and naturally. I choose to deal with those in my larger community as I do with my family, knowing each and every person that comes into my life is a divine, creative being and that we work together to manifest health in family, community and world.

I am grateful for the opportunity to sit in this precious moment now and each day. Here I become centered and grounded in Beauty, Balance and Truth, so that I can be natural and free in the world. Thank you Spirit for being with me now and always. I release these words into your loving care knowing they are true even as they are spoken for that is the way of creative intelligence.

Blessed are We

(Use the affirmation at the top to remind yourself of your truth throughout the day. And, remember, you are free to use your own words in the prayer to claim that which YOU most desire. This is written to read silently or aloud as your own, slowly, peacefully, passionately; feel it with your body, your mind and your inborn Spirit; share it with a friend. The more you feel, in yourself, the truth you put in the prayer, the more you experience that truth in life.)

(First published on SharePrayer 9-20-99)

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Law of Attraction -- True Relationship Path

I find clarity, love and happiness in the process ...

For becoming clear with God's truth for me regarding my relationship paths and the strength to attend to this truth.

Here I am, sitting. I take a deep breath and let it go... Here I am sitting and breathing, watching the thoughts flow through my mind. Consciously I choose to stop the flow of thoughts and focus my awareness on sitting and breathing... I feel the rhythm of breath merging with heart... I move my body and find a comfortable position... My attention is on my body and the life it celebrates... I am a self contained representation of the Universe. Now I am ready to pray:

One power, one presence, one creator of all that exists filling the universe with itself; one evolving, changing, moving Spirit becoming more and more complex and conscious as it moves eternally into infinity. Yes, this is the vision that fills me in this moment as I realize this is true within me and all around me in this moment as I sit here breathing, watching, listening to my life, my self.

I am a singular representation of this oneness that encompasses all life, I am a self-contained expression of the Creator of the universe, co-creating my life with God. I accept this knowledge and choose to consciously use it now to manifest my deepest desire to bring myself forward totally and completely into realization of my full potential. With this thought held strongly in mind I speak my word:

I accept the presence of the divine muse in me totally and completely in this moment. I affirm the presence of all that I need to move forward on my chosen path. I feel deeply the gifts around me in the world. I open myself to receive clarity, direction and purpose from my relationship with this world. I recognize this in whatever form it takes and align myself with Spirit, one Spirit within all that comes forward to help. I recognize my special gifts and share them happily with the world. I accept the strength I find here in communion with Spirit to be my authentic self. I am open as to how this looks in form, but it is dynamic, deep and moving for everyone that I come into relationship with as I move through the world being totally and truly my authentic self. I accept the Love, Power, Peace, Beauty, Light, Joy that Spirit is in truth as my truth now and always. I express these qualities in all that I do and find clarity, love and happiness in the process.

Gratitude is a simple word for the complex feelings filling me now as I contemplate the meaning of this prayer, but thank you Spirit within for filling me with strength, faith and presence of mind. I move forward filled with love, with an attitude of gratitude for all that is given me.

I release this word into the law that always says Yes, and relax knowing that as it is spoken, felt, accepted, believed, so it is manifested in the world now. So, it is and so I let it be.

Blessed Be

(First published on SharePrayer 5-30-06)

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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Law of Attraction -- Live Perfect Success

Hands up on the roller coaster of life ... Hallelujah!

For living, experiencing in material ways that perfect success we already truly have as spiritual beings.

Universal Wholeness surrounds us, includes us in the Oneness of existence. There is no place the Infinite Law of Spirit is not; all that exists is connected by this wonderful Intelligence that is creating all that we see, feel, hear and know now.

I feel this knowingness in me right now and feel these words inspired by this knowingness deep in my soul. I know I am one with the Infinite Law of Spirit; that Spirit expresses through me, as me, right in this moment. And as this is true for me I know it is true for you. It can be no other way. Speak these words now, claiming that inborn good we share ... relax and feel deeply this truth ...

With each breath I feel Spirit flowing in and out and all through my consciousness ... I feel Spirit as my heart beat sends nutrients to every part of my body ... I feel Spirit inspiring my mind with wonderful ideas ... I feel Spirit connecting me with all that exists. I am living proof of the miracle of creation and the goodness of life. I sense the truth that I am an integral part of the wondrous puzzle of life. I feel my importance to those close to me, my loved ones and friends, my coworkers and acquaintances, to the strangers I smile at on the street and in the casual words shared in stores.

Life is truly wonderful when I look at it from the larger picture. When the little picture begins to loom large in my life, I remember this timeless moment:

I imagine myself looking out at the stars ... how vast the universe is ... how marvelous it is that I am able to look out on this magnificence and appreciate it ... I am filled with awe and wonder ... and, in the same moment, I realize how important I am to the magnificence of what I see ... it is reflecting back to me my very own magnificence ... right here where I am now in that larger picture ... I let all that starlight soak in, filling my very being, because I am a star to all that appears "out there" ... there truly is no separation, only the ability to look out and see into my very own soul ... and to appreciate the creation I am one with ... one wonderful universe where I see myself enjoying the dance of life in whatever way I choose ...

I choose now to release and let go and let Spirit run my life ... With my hands up in celebration as I ride the roller coaster of life I allow myself to experience perfect trust and full pleasure as I go up and down and all around on the path to my ultimate destination ... I release the appearance of control and allow myself to be safely cradled in the love of Spirit always, I am truly safe ...

With enthusiasm, I say, "Yes!" to Life and with a thankful, grateful heart, mind and body release these words to the Oneness and know they are manifest even before they are spoken. I just let Life be full, complete and now.


(First published on SharePrayer 5-28-97)

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Friday, August 01, 2008

Law of Attraction -- Safe Travel and Loving Adventures

We are safe with Nature as our guide and companion ...

For safe travel and loving adventures during your trip abroad.

Sitting here in the California sunlight I just look out on my lovely garden and relax into the beauty of its natural expression ... Breathing deeply I harmonize with the gentle breeze ... breathing deeply I sense the many aromas around me ... breathing deeply I feel at home ... breathing deeply I feel safe ... breathing deeply I feel free to be me ...

In this state of mind I know there is one ever present creative power in this world and I call it Nature. I feel it in me right now. I see it all around me right now. I know it is always present, always evolving, always creating newness, always nurturing, always supportive.

And, I know Nature and I are one, always. I know I am a present, evolving human being creating newness and I am nurturing and supportive of all around me. I am never alone, Nature is always here with me, cocreating my experience of life.

In this natural cooperation I know my thoughts, words and deeds have creative input into what I find expressing in the world around me, so, I now consciously and carefully choose these words to place in Nature's care to manifest in my experience.

As I embark on these travels with my love by my side I know Nature is with us always. I know we find Love wherever we are, whoever we are with, for that is the truth at the heart of all that is. I choose to see the truth and attract the truth from all our experiences. I choose for this truth to come easily and freely to us. I choose to allow the Light to shine even in the dark places we may find along the way.

Peace and Love are revealed from and through all we come in contact with as we move from place to place. Our inner Light shines bright, fueled by our recognition of ever present Nature holding us, nurturing us, inspiring us and those we are with. We are safe with Nature as our guide and companion. We relax and are ourselves always.

I appreciate my ability to merge with Nature through my breath at any time. I do this easily and naturally whenever necessary to bring back awareness of my oneness with the creative process. Thank you Nature for always being present in my life. Thank you Nature for expressing so fully in all I see and all I know. I am filled up and overflowing with gratitude.

And so I let these words flow on into the universe knowing they are manifest now in truth. And so I let it be.


(First published on SharePrayer 4/22/02)

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