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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Law of Attraction -- Financial Solvency and Abundance

I accept the truth of my prosperity now! ...

For financial solvency and abundance -- overflowing.

Sitting, breathing, relaxing, watching, listening... I slowly melt into the present moment... I feel the earth beneath me, the air around me, the sky above me... I slowly merge with all that is...

One power, one presence, one Creator of all existence is present in this moment. I feel the power in the beating of my heart... I feel the presence in the inspiration and exhalation of my breath... I see Creator in all around me and I hear Creator in the still, small voice within that guides me on my path...

I accept the truth that Creator and I are one, we are united now and always, it can be no other way because all existence is the expression of Creator. In this moment of unification with Creator I claim that inborn ability to create as Creator does, being one with Creator in truth. So, I speak my word from this place of deep connection with the creative power and presence that fills me and all around me. In truth we are one.

I accept the truth of my prosperity now! I release and let go of all that blocks me from complete, total, unconditional acceptance of my prosperity. I move easily through the world of finances learning as I go. I face any and all apparent obstacles with calm equanimity and am able to move through and beyond them; I avail myself of whatever assistance I need to help understand and move through this time in my life. I listen to Creator within me for guidance and support and accept this inner knowing easily and completely. I am self assured and easy going as I feel this power and presence within guiding, supporting and nurturing me, as it constantly affirms my prosperity. I accept myself with humility and love, just as I am. Wherever I look I see Creator looking back at me with love, peace, joy, power, beauty, peace, light, life and overflowing prosperity.

I pause now and say thank you Creator for showing me myself in you and how I am created with all your qualities built-in. This time in connection with you opens my eyes, my heart, my mind to the prosperity that is right here, right now, always and I am very, very grateful. Thank You!

In this very moment I release this word to creative Law and know it is true and manifest in my life now! So I let it be and so it is...

Blessed Be

(First published on SharePrayer 5/23/06)

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