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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Law of Attraction in Action -- Contagious Love

I have Love and Love is contagious!

For You to know the fullness of God's Love in your life and to reap the harvest of happiness flowing from this Love.

I sit in the warm afternoon with eyes shut allowing the thoughts to flow out thru my fingertips. I know Spirit is here with me because there is no spot Spirit is not. As this is true for me right now I know this is true for everyone because we are one in Spirit.

Relaxing into this moment I let all my thoughts go and listen, listen carefully and attentively for Spirit's guidance; I feel my heart open and I feel Spirit's love flow out into my present; and I feel my present extend to incorporate the past and the future; all time is now; I am the center of a rapidly evolving universe and I feel Good riding this wave of Love. I breathe deeply again and again and let this wave carry me as I release all thoughts of anything except God's Love and how moved I am in this moment. Yes!

I have It and It is contagious. I feel so much Love in this moment I can't contain it, I let it go and it reaches out and touches everything and everyone around me. Everywhere I look I see love! I see Love in my family, in the grocer, in the postal person and in each person that crosses my path. I am one with Spirit and Spirit is one with me; I am so blessed and filled with Life, Love, Peace and Joy that I am Happy!

Thank you Spirit for this magical moment. I allow it to extend backwards and forwards in time and space. Love is all there is and I am grateful. I accept this vision with great gratitude now and always.

With firmness and conviction I let these words go into the universal flow of love knowing they are already true and am content to let them be and to let Love be. As I feel, see and speak, so it is.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 6/24/97)

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Monday, December 10, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Moving Forward

I feel peaceful, calm and self-assured ...

For You to feel the limitless strength of Spirit, including inspiration, faith and willingness to move forward, and use the flow of that strength through you.

I am one with the infinite Spirit. I breathe this truth in ... and I breathe it out; It is always with me and It is always true. Relaxing into this truth, into this rhythm of life. I let go of all thoughts except the thought of Spirit. Spirit in me, Spirit everywhere equally present. In this whole universe there is no place Spirit, the energy of creation, is not present right now. This is the allness, the wholeness, the perfection of life. Wow ... Yes! ... I take it in ... I let it flow ... I let it go ...

In the center of my being, in my heart where I, the individual, am connected with Spirit, the wholeness, I relax and feel the truth in me, as me, ever flowing, ever growing. I know I am one with the omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent Spirit of Life, and I know that the strength that is creating the universe is in me right now, creating me. I consciously turn my attention to this truth, and relax into its security and promise.

Here, in my heart and the heart of the universe, I breathe deeply and go deeper into the oneness. I claim and accept the strength I find here as mine to use for my growth and evolution and for the growth and evolution of those around me. I know, feel and act with this strength as inspiration, faith, and a willingness to move forward. I take all the time I need to relax into this moment and feel my connection with Spirit.

I feel peaceful, calm and self-assured here and I know and affirm that I always return here instantly when I need guidance and that I always find it. I open my mind and heart to accept the urging of my intuition, for I know that it comes from this center, my center, I am now experiencing. My intuition is always right; every decision I make in harmony with my intuition is right. I accept this truth and move out into the world bold and confident of the goodness I bring to it.

Thank you Spirit for the gift of creativity and strength I feel in me right now. I know and accept that this power is always with me and joy, peace and beauty, too. Life is Good, life is full. I accept it. I bless it.

Now I release these words to the ever present flow of creativity and know they are manifest here in my life even as I speak them. In truth I let this be and in truth it is so.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 6/4/97)

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Saturday, December 01, 2007

I carry my experience of goodness with me ...

For healing, that is, a shift, a change from present apparent conditions to a new perception/experience that is closer to the true perfection that life is.

I relax into this present moment. I let go of all extraneous thoughts and focus in on my heart -- the center of my being. The center of my being where the individual I touches the universal I AM. I breathe in deeply and let it go and let my little mind go with it ... again ... and again, until I am truly centered in my heart. Here I merge with the heart of the Creator and open to my big mind which is one with all that exists. I sense in this moment there is truly only one heart, one center, one mind and as I merge my thought and awareness into this point in me I am one with this point in everyone -- this is the heart of the Creator -- and the heart of everyone! I relax into the flow ...

Here, I am touched by many thoughts from many different people I know; I bless them and let them go, for now I am single-minded in my quest to get to the root cause of the present conditions in my life which call out for healing. I patiently breathe in fully and let it go ... as my stillness deepens and my thought goes deeper into this moment, deeper into the fullness that is at the heart of the universe I am able to see clearly how life works ...

I know I am one with the infinite and with every other one that exists; we are one together; I know that life is good and is filled with unlimited potential for every one to experience this goodness to the fullest; I know there is one power in the universe creating all I see and experience; I know I am using this power to create all I perceive and experience; I know the possibilities of this power are unlimited and that it is my choice what it is I co-create with it. Breathing in fully and then letting it go ... I settle into my chair and allow my thought to go deeper into this present moment; deeper into the center of the universe.

Here I open to receive healing as prosperity, peace of mind, harmonious relationships, physical perfection, perfect right expression, confidence, courage and spontaneous right action from the heart. (You may choose to use this paragraph to state any particular request you have for healing; for example: "Here I open myself to the consciousness and acceptance of all the income I need to prosper." or "Here I feel my oneness with the divine flow of creation and I open my self to this creative, transformative, divine energy and allow each cancer cell in my body to wallow in it and be changed into a normal cell now!")

Creator of Life within me, in this present moment I am totally and completely one with you. I rejoice and celebrate this truth and affirm our eternal and infinite relationship. As this moment expands into the future I know we are never apart, we are always one. I embrace this moment and promise to always check in here for guidance as I live my life to the fullest. I am on the right path and I am strengthened in my resolve to follow it through all illusory obstacles to the true perfection that I claim now.

I am so grateful for the insight, wisdom and strength I share in this present moment with all of creation; I hold this in my heart with a profound thank you in my mind for the fullness and unlimited possibility of Life I feel in me right now.

I return from within to the outside world and carry my experience of goodness with me into this day and every day. I release this experience to the greatness of Life knowing it is the eternal truth.

Blessed Be

(Originally published on SharePrayer 6/16/97)