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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Live in Harmony and Balance

Relaxing, believing, knowing, I accept my good ...

For You to move easily and smoothly through life in harmony and balance, finding your true expression and those to share it with.

Here I sit in the peaceful beginnings of a new day ... the roses reach for the sky in sweet surrender and likewise I reach for inspiration ... The birds twitter in the trees, the ducks graze in the grass, the sun casts its golden light from the east illuminating the inherent beauty of all I see. I sit here feeling the harmony of this natural composition and relax into it.

I know that beneath, before, beyond any conditions there is perfection. This world, this universe, this person is conceived in oneness and wholeness. I relax into this truth thinking about the intelligence that creates all that I see; I close my eyes and think about this intelligence that creates all that I feel and hear ... I know that life is truly guided by an intelligent power and that I am one with that power, as is all that exists; nothing can be outside this power. We are one complete universe!

Yes ... I know that as I relax and feel this intelligence inside me, guiding me; that as I listen and choose to follow my deepest desire, my deepest feelings, my deepest yearnings; that as I totally immerse myself in this moment then I know all things are possible -- I truly understand all things are possible.

In this moment I claim for myself all the good I can imagine, including health, peace and companionship. I release all sense of limitation and embrace the truth that all is possible and then I act on my heartfelt belief. Yes, I have all I need, want and can use in mind and now I accept it in body too.

Easily and gently I move forward. I allow feelings of gratitude and thanksgiving to well up in my heart and soul as I accept my goal as accomplished in mind and relax as I allow the rest of me to move into that truth. Life is truly good. Thank you life! Thank you for the power I feel moving through me as I heal and grow and evolve and find my inner goodness and share it with the world. I accept the goodness the world gives back to me in this endless cycle of giving and receiving. Yes, I participate in the Law of Circulation freely and joyously.

With great hurrahs I release these words into the Law of Creation knowing that as my faith is strong surely all I feel true in mind is also true in body. Relaxing, accepting, believing, knowing, I let these words go. So it is and so I let it be.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 5/3/07)

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Law of Attraction -- For a Broken Heart

I move naturally on my path toward my greatest good ...

For a broken heart:

As I relax into this morning, there is a deep, dark cloud to the north ... as I turn away from it and look to the south I see blue skies and the sun rising in the east. So it is with life as I deal with a broken heart.

Surrounded by the infinite variety of nature, I breathe in deeply and let it go with a sigh. I take another breath, and this time I breathe in that infinite variety and make it a part of me; I exhale old thoughts and ideas that don't serve me anymore. I open to the new and let go of the old.

I am in the rhythm of life. Now. I feel my heart beating and my breath flowing in and out bringing goodness to me and carrying away that which no longer serves me. In this consistency I feel the spirit of life in me; I know and accept that this spirit in me is the same that is in everyone; we are all connected by this one spirit of life and creation. There is no place in the universe this energy, this force, this creativity is not present. I am encouraged and supported by this feeling and I relax into it and fall deeper into my being.

I affirm the goodness of my life and the people in my life, especially my beloved. I hold as true and beautiful the dream we have spun together. I flush in the memory of its fullness and joy. I breathe in deeply and let it go. I stand tall and strong in oneness with nature and life. I wake from the dream and feel a longing, a sadness for that innocence that is past. I pause here a moment and smile in sweet memory and then move on to what is now.

I breathe in again ... and then let it go ... As I turn my attention to what lies ahead I allow my vision to expand into the future. I stand totally in the present with my attention and awareness focused on my innermost feelings and urgings of the spirit of life within me. I affirm and know that as I allow my decisions to come from this place of quietness and deep self-reflection that I move naturally forward on my own path toward my greatest good. I bless those I meet and move with along the path and bless them when we must go our separate ways. I hold no attachment to any outcome; I open my heart to all possibilities. Yes, life is good. Yes, I take time to stand in the moment and appreciate life and its gifts. Yes, I move on in the flow of life to new experiences.

I know and affirm I live in a universe of infinite variety; of infinite beauty, joy, and love. I am one with this now and forever. I am filled with gratitude for this truth I feel so thoroughly, so deeply in my being. Thank you life for your fullness and expression through me as me. I appreciate your support and guidance. I listen to your messages always and I follow your urgings naturally and easily.

Now I take my leave and release these words into your loving atmosphere. I know their truth is always with me. I breathe it in and I breathe it out. And so it goes; and so I let it be.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 5/27/97)

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