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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Healing with Love of God

I hold firmly to truth, the Patient is love expressing ...

For You to relax into the Love of God and know that The Patient is one with God now and always, and that this relaxation and knowing bring healing of the highest order.

I sit in the morning light thinking of The Patient ... I breathe in light ... and breathe out love ... again ... and again ... this gentle rhythm allows me to relax ... and feel the solidness of the earth and the caress of the air ... my vision of The Patient sees them filled with light and glowing with love ... I continue breathing ... feeling ... seeing ... and know there is one presence, one power, one creator ...

I am one with the creator of all life. The Patient is one with the creator of all life. As I look around I see the activity of this creator in all around me. It can be no other way. I relax into this truth and know that the words I speak and the thoughts I think are one with this ever present, ever active creative force. I know as I relax into this feeling, into this being, I am guided to think, speak and act in harmony with the unfoldment of this power in the world now ...

I consciously choose to speak my word for The Patient, holding, seeing placing them firmly in the creator's holy light and love. I know they are nurtured and cared for by this light and love and that healing of the highest order is manifest now in their life. I hold firmly to the truth that they are a wonderful, beautiful expression of all that is good, whole and perfect in the world just as they are. And that the love, light and peace they exude are gifts to all around them.

I am so grateful for the feelings of love and light that come forward naturally and easily as I take this time to sit in oneness with the creator. I accept this influence into my life and The Patient's life now. I am grateful for the constant, unconditional support we receive. I take this time today and each day to breathe, relax, and check in with the love and light that permeate us always.

Thank you God for your gifts. We are one now and always. I release these words into the oneness, knowing the creative process takes them and makes them so, easily, gently, inexorably. I relax and release my thoughts and feelings into your loving Law knowing they are manifest even as they are spoken. So it is and so I let it be.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 6/29/00)

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