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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Parent's Love for Ill Child

My child is a bright light, happy, peaceful, powerful ...

For Parent and Child to know the Love of God guides them, moves them, supports them through this time of physical illness to knowing, feeling, experiencing that perfect Love that is in every one's heart.

Gently I relax into this moment with a big breath ... As I continue breathing, I visualize Love entering my body and all that is unlike love leaving with my exhale ... I continue this visualization and then extend it to include my child ... My body relaxes into love ... my mind relaxes into Love ... My thoughts relax into Love ...

In this atmosphere of Love I feel the presence of God ... I know this presence is everywhere equally present in the whole universe and it is here with me now. I know and affirm the omnipotence, omnipresence, and omniscience of this loving presence I call God. In this moment I release any feeling of separation and merge into the oneness of the presence of God and in mind take my child with me. We are one with the warmth and nurturing power, presence, peace of God.

Here I acknowledge the power of my thoughts to create that which serves my highest good, the highest good of my family and the highest good of my community. So I speak my word claiming that ideal situation that moves us forward into a bright, beautiful experience of the world. I feel the love I am immersed in and mentally spread it to everyone that comes to mind ... There is unlimited supply and it flows around me and through me and all my loved ones. My child is in the center, bright light, happy, peaceful, powerful ... Love knows no bounds, Love knows only Love and in truth love is everywhere present.

Where Love is, Life is. Where Life is, Light is. Where Light is, Joy is. Where Joy is, Peace is. Where Peace is, Beauty is. Where Beauty is, Power is. Where Power is, I am. And I use this power to bring healing into this situation. I use this power to bring strength and courage to this situation. I use this power to affirm the highest good, and see the truth in this and every situation.

Thank you God for being with me now and always. I am so grateful for this time I take today and each day to be with you, in me. I accept the ungoingness of life and love and peace and beauty that you bring naturally and easily into my life and my family's life. Thank you for illuminating me and my child in this time of need.

I release these words into the ever present Law of Love knowing they are true and manifest even before they are spoken. And so it is and so I let it be.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 6/29/00)

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