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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Power of One in Relationship

We are all one in this ocean of Peace ...

For A Couple to know the power of One in all their relationships and to relax into the dynamic Peace that is always present.

I breathe deeply and relax into this moment; as I close my eyes I see sparkles of light and I know I am not alone. I feel the Creator of the Universe within me now. Everywhere in the Universe this One Presence is equally available and It is right here with us right now. I turn my attention to this Truth and breathe deeply and relax into myself, into my connection with Creator.

Here at the center of my being I find Peace; I breathe deeply once more focusing my attention in this peaceful place within me. I relax and let go of all thoughts, allowing only Peace to fill me with its presence. I am a drop of Peace in an ocean of Peace. I take this thought and allow its warmth and wholeness to unfold and enfold me and hold me. I am safe; no harm can come to me and I wish harm to no one. We are all one in this ocean of Peace.

Relaxed, held, nurtured, I observe myself as an individual immersed in oneness. Yes, I am an I here in the middle of It; and there are many other I's making up It. What am I? What is It?

I am a self-conscious representation of the whole; when I nudge the drop next to me and that drop nudges the next drop and on and on we create a big wave; we are all equally powerful but we must work together. And no one can drop out without effecting the whole. I am an active, vital contributor to the ocean of Peace that is Life that is Love. I am pleased to play my part.

I look within and listen to that inspiration that comes through me and in faith believing follow that inspiration to its fruition. And do that again and again and find happiness by being exactly who I am and allowing and accepting each other I to be just who they are as we move together to make our wave perfectly.

I see, understand and embrace the Truth: We are One living whole; we accept our vitality from the whole and give it back to the whole in an inexhaustible circulation of Love. All the qualities creative intelligence initiates and then moves through all creation are ours, always. I gratefully accept this Truth and allow the fullness of its meaning to sink deep into my conscious awareness. And there I let it go and let it be, just as it is.

Everywhere I look I see Peace, Life and Love and accept these qualities as who I am. Yes, this is true and so I let it be. There is nothing else.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 1/9/98)


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